iRUMBO Reveals Illusive Local IT Job Markets on North America’s Largest IT Solution Provider Locator

CompTIA ChannelCon, Fossa LLC announced its innovative job-search offering on iRUMBO ( to target the illusive local Information Technology (IT) industry. Commonly called agents, consultants, MSPs, resellers, service providers or VARs, these solution providers operate largely without storefronts and their websites are hard to find through search engines. Collectively referred to as the “IT Channel,” they constitute an estimated 75,000 companies employing over 1.8 million people in the U.S., according to CompTIA.

“The Channel is also one of the best places to enter the IT industry,” explained Clark Richter, 20-year technology sales veteran and founder of Fossa LLC. “This is usually done through traditional networking and combing company websites in what CNN and NPR reference as the 70-80% unadvertised job market. These small business sites, however, get lost in search results. The keywords that describe them and their positions are pervasive on the Internet, e.g., ’cloud, virtualization, sales rep, Cisco, Microsoft.’”

iRUMBO, as the largest solution-provider locator for North America online, is a FREE Business–to-Business (B2B) tool to help people identify and contact these hard-to-find, local IT and Telecom companies. It offers over 40 filter fields, including solutions, services, technologies, locations and partnerships. “A data-driven site specific to the IT industry has been long overdue to help individuals find specialized local companies,” according to Richter. “Our data is kept current and accurate by ongoing verification.” The site is free to job seekers and IT buyers to search; and free for businesses to list and update their profiles.

With the introduction of the career function, “iRUMBO simplifies and expedites the process of finding local companies that may be hiring by identifying them and linking directly to the companies’ career pages, if available. If a company does not offer a career page, the contact information is a good starting point,” said Richter. “To take it one step further, we are testing a pre-defined custom search at iRUMBO Job-Seekers based on key metropolitan areas. A search there will yield results from the career websites of the employers themselves. Conventional search engines, dominated by national job boards, will not yield these local results.

“Whether job seeker or SMB wanting to buy technology, people are frequently unaware of what exists even in their own community. iRUMBO enables them to select their variables and get a return result with multiple companies of interest, without having to spend hours on the Internet wading through irrelevant results. iRUMBO takes IT solution provider search to the local level.”

About Fossa LLC

Chicago-based Fossa LLC ( delivers the most comprehensive IT solution provider information on the Web through its extensive database of highly-detailed business profiles and key contacts, specifically engaged in reselling or providing services around IT and Telecom. Fossa’s Channel Navigator ( is a dynamic business intelligence tool for IT and telecom sales and marketing professionals to identify and connect with North American business partners. Fossa’s iRUMBO website connects technology buyers and job seekers to solution providers.