Go Daddy’s ‘Green Bar’ SSL Certificate Saving Customers Cash

Companies are faced with many tough cost-cutting decisions each day. Many feel spending less gets them inferior products. Well, IT departments can rest easy. Go Daddy Extended Validation Certificates (EV SSL) use the same stringent vetting process as competitors and cost up to seven times less.

For less than $200 per year, a company can get an EV SSL with Go Daddy. An EV SSL turns the address bar of popular Web browsers green. The green bar shows the identity of the corporation, making it easy to see which organization received the certificate.

The vetting process for an Extended Validation certificate is far more involved than any other SSL certificate. The guidelines, established by the CA/Browser Forum, make the Extended Validation vetting process identical at any Certificate Authority – raising questions as to why the price range can be so varied.

“The fact someone is charging more than seven times as much as Go Daddy for an identical product is absolutely unnecessary,” said GoDaddy.com President and Chief Operating Officer Warren Adelman. “We entered the domain name business because it was overpriced and underserved and that is exactly why we entered the SSL market.”

All Go Daddy certificates include an unlimited server license, meaning one Certificate can be used on multiple servers, potentially saving companies thousands of dollars above and beyond the base price.

For more information about GoDaddy.com SSL Certificates visit www.GoDaddy.com/SSL .

About The Go Daddy Group, Inc.

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