UTOPY Revolutionizes Contact Center Performance Optimization with the Release of SpeechMiner® 6.0 and OutPerformTM 6.0

UTOPY, Inc., the leading provider of Customer Intelligence and Performance Optimization solutions powered by Speech Analytics, today announced the availability of UTOPY SpeechMiner ® 6.0 and UTOPY OutPerform TM 6.0—the latest versions of its award-winning flagship Speech Analytics product and ground-breaking Contact Center Performance Optimization solution, respectively.

UTOPY, founded in 1999, pioneered the Speech Analytics market and continues to innovate with the industry’s first speech analytics-driven coaching and performance management. This new release is a major milestone for the contact center industry. It was designed from the ground up — leveraging actionable insights from the call content and the interaction itself to drive contact center performance management, quality monitoring, coaching and workforce management processes centered around the contact center key performance indicators (KPIs). These analytics-driven workflows trigger alerts and recommendations for process and people improvement; and the subsequent actions taken are further tracked and the results measured for closed-loop continuous refinement.

“UTOPY is leading a new charge in Performance Management through its turnkey, closed-loop, KPI-driven solution of ‘insight-recommendation-impact’ that has already seen significant KPI improvements in live deployments,” said Keith Dawson, Principal Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “Unlike traditional quality monitoring and performance management applications, UTOPY leverages the voice of the customer (via speech analytics) to drive processes and resources within the contact center to achieve the ultimate goals of quality and cost.”

The Next Generation Contact Center Performance Optimization

OutPerform TM 6.0 is the Contact Center Performance Optimization solution that is built on top of SpeechMiner ® . It leverages insights from the customer-agent conversations as the driving force behind all contact center processes and collaborative workflows. It optimizes contact center performance by discovering the drivers of contact center KPI’s and creates a roadmap for process refinement and employee development. OutPerform TM 6.0 also offers role-based dashboards, rule-based alerts, and proactive recommendations on who, what and why an action needs to be taken.

Industry’s First Targeted, Performance-Based Coaching Driven by Speech Analytics

The new OutPerform TM Coaching 6.0 application enables targeted, performance-based coaching driven by SpeechMiner’s Speech Analytics. Its intuitive, role-based dashboards present real-time actionable insight for targeted coaching. Its ease-of-use and simplicity is a result of SpeechMiner‘s sophisticated algorithms which automatically determine who needs which specific type of coaching or self-learning, and why. It enables the scheduling of coaching sessions, populates the session with the appropriate call lists for review, monitors the progress of the coaching and self-learning, and collaborates with quality and performance management seamlessly. This ability to align coaching and performance management with contact center KPIs through speech metrics enables coaching effectiveness, employee empowerment and operational efficiency. In addition, this turnkey application lowers the total cost of ownership and shortens the deployment period significantly.

Web 2.0 Plug-and-Play User Interface Sets Industry Standard

SpeechMiner ® 6.0’s Web 2.0 platform makes for easy configuration, added flexibility and simple deployment. It comes with state-of-the-art dashboards that offer multiple and preset views, permission controls and a subscribe-and-publish capability. The new architecture also comes with plug-and-play widgets and multimedia support for Flash, videos and RSS feeds. In addition, SpeechMiner ® 6.0 offers broader call monitoring capabilities, search summaries, dynamic and static call lists, permalinks and a messaging widget.

“UTOPY has always been in the forefront of creating value for our customers through innovation,” said Roy Twersky, President and CEO of UTOPY. “We have been working with customers for over 18 months on this groundbreaking 6.0 release. With 6.0, our customers can break down the traditional silos and leverage the deep insights of who, what, when and why from Speech Analytics to drive collaborative workflows seamlessly across the contact center.”


UTOPY provides award-winning Customer Intelligence and Performance Optimization solutions powered by Speech Analytics, delivering the Voice of the Customer to enterprise decision-makers. With UTOPY solutions, free-flowing human conversations are transformed into actionable insight to strategically enrich the customer experience, optimize contact center performance, improve sales effectiveness and uncover competitive threats. UTOPY customers include innovative market leaders in financial services, insurance, healthcare, telecommunications, outsourcing, and retail.

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, with offices worldwide, the UTOPY team has extensive experience in speech analytics, business intelligence, contact center operations and business process improvement. For more information, visit www.utopy.com or www.speechanalytics.com or call 866.44.UTOPY (866.448.8679).