Adonit’s New Stylus Technology Is Precise To The Pixel

Adonit introduced their new stylus technology, Pixelpoint™, during Evernote’s EC3 Conference on Thursday. The first stylus to be powered by Pixelpoint™, the Jot Script, is already on sale and the company announced plans for future Pixelpoint™ models including Jot Touch and Adobe’s Project Mighty hardware.

“We’ve developed Pixelpoint™ to sit at the center of our next generation of styluses. As touch screens evolve, Pixelpoint™ is a platform to power styluses with the ability to work from my tablet, to my computer, to a collaborative wall,” said Kris Perpich, CXO and Co-founder of Adonit. “Styluses sit at the center of visual creation. Until now precision has been the barrier to creating and capturing ideas intuitively in a mobile digital age. Through key partnerships with Evernote and Adobe, we look to build tightly integrated stylus experiences that change the way you use your touch screen.”

Pixelpoint™ technology has enabled the first fine point stylus on the market with a 1.9mm tip which is 70% smaller than all other iOS styluses. The Bluetooth LE, accelerometer, and Adonit’s SDK work seamlessly to place the ink point directly under the tip and improve the overall control on the screen. Pixelpoint™ technology will guarantee precision in every line, letter and signature.

While fingers and rubber styluses feel more like markers or crayons, Pixelpoint™ helps create a true digital pen. The tip’s material was hand-picked to mimic the drag of a pen on paper, giving you more control and better expression in every stroke.

The technology works by detecting the unique capacitance signature of each iOS screen, and inverting the signature when the stylus sends its signal back. This allows users to quickly turn on the stylus and begin writing or note-taking without much setup.

Pixelpoint™ is compatible with all iOS devices, but the precision improves when using an iOS app that has integrated Adonit’s SDK. The contact detection switch relays angles and coordinates through the accelerometer to the app, providing you unsurpassed accuracy on Bluetooth 4 devices.

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About Adonit
Adonit is comprised of dreamers, doers and makers that have set out to build products that help remove the barriers between thought and creation. 5 guys across two countries launched the company with Writer, a keyboard & case for the iPad. Adonit’s first stylus project, Jot, launched in 2011 on Kickstarter, where rave reviews from the design community generated $165k in excess funding. The Austin-based company has since sold more than 1 million of their award-winning Jots worldwide, and has offices in Grand Rapids, MI. and Taipei, Taiwan. Find out more on