OpenPeak Incorporates Full Support for iOS 7 In Mobile Enterprise Management Suite

OpenPeak Inc., a leading provider of enterprise-class mobile device and application management solutions, announced today immediate and comprehensive support for iOS 7 to complement and enhance the capabilities of its ADAM™ platform. The company welcomed Apple’s shift towards an increased number of enterprise-focused features, including deeper security and management control options across device, application and network elements.

“Apple’s iOS 7 offers significant features that compliment our company’s efforts to provide a simple and secure mobile management solution to our customers,” said Dan Gittleman, CEO of OpenPeak. “In particular, we applaud Apple’s efforts to improve support for app-level security, a long-standing foundation of our approach to provide a highly secure mobile workspace.”

SECTOR®, ADAM’s virtual workspace, creates a secure separation between work and personal data on a single mobile device. This is accomplished through an automatic SDK injection process that allows IT administrators to secure and manage only the individual business apps that touch sensitive data, while still allowing the employee’s personal apps to operate separately on the same device.

OpenPeak has enhanced its ability to provide supplemental IT controls and data security via SECTOR as well as SANCTION®, ADAM’s policy-based device management component, by leveraging the new iOS 7 features, including in-app data protection, app-level VPN, license management, and MDM configurations among others.

The ADAM platform, a complete end-to-end mobility solution, offers industry-leading features and a best-in-class user experience that both incorporate and extend those enabled by the iOS 7 release, including:

  • Policy-based authentication for enterprise apps
  • Disabling of copy/paste/print capabilities
  • Data protection with per-app keys and app federation
  • Policy enforcement for app execution
  • Integrated email, contacts, calendar, tasks and notes
  • Secure, managed browsing
  • Per-app IPsec VPN support
  • Dynamic changes to VPN policies

“Providing immediate support for iOS 7 is part of our wider commitment to keeping pace with the latest technologies and staying ahead of the market when it comes to mobile security,” said Gittleman. “For every advancement in the mobile landscape, our goal is to provide a seamless transition for IT administrators.”

About OpenPeak
OpenPeak is a leading Mobile Enterprise Management company. OpenPeak’s ADAM™ platform makes it easy for businesses to secure and manage business data on mobile devices while giving employees the freedom to use the device of their choice. ADAM is offered as a white label solution through carriers and large OEMs worldwide. Components of ADAM may be used individually to complement pre-existing device and network management configurations, or together as a complete end-to-end Mobile Enterprise Management solution.