Mansfield B2B Network Platform Drives Efficiency and Innovation

For the fourth year in a row, Mansfield Oil Company has been listed by InformationWeek 500 as one of the most innovative organizations in the energy industry. The listing which was released earlier this month recognized Mansfield’s accomplishments regarding its unique I.T. platform.

Mansfield continues to build on its IT strategy around the proprietary Entinuum system, which is a B2B network created to handle vast amounts of transactional and operational data shared daily throughout the energy sector. Entinuum , which earned its name from the merging of the words ‘energy’ and ‘continuum,’ works to alleviate transactional complexities in the energy sector where dozens of parties touch and utilize shared transactional data and documents in different business processes. Mansfield also intends to utilize relationships emerging from the Entinuum Project to establish a community of industry participants who share ideas and work together to drive innovation throughout the industry.

Hob Hairston, VP of Business Technology at Mansfield, commented “Given recent developments in technology, it is time to refresh many of the industry solutions that have been built over the last 10 years since the internet first started to enable new business processes. Today, we can drive innovation faster and increase collaboration through solutions our suppliers, carriers, customers, and partners may use on demand while avoiding the typical costs and complexities which come with B2B integration. By establishing a shared industry platform, we can build critical mass and improve the way individual companies and the supply chain at large operates.”

“As with each of the previous 3 years, Mansfield is honored to be recognized by InformationWeek 500,” said Doug Haugh, President of Mansfield Oil Company. “For several years, we have recognized the need for a platform where vendors, customers, and trading partners can efficiently transact business, trade information, and achieve greater supply chain efficiencies. In effect we cannot drive the productivity gains Mansfield needs to achieve by simply automating within our own walls, we want our trading partners to gain efficiency and reduce their costs right alongside us. Achieving this result requires a new collaborative cloud based approach to ERP, and Entinuum provides the platform we need to drive cost savings across our entire supply chain.”

About Mansfield

Mansfield is a national leader in the dynamic North American energy supply, logistics and services enterprise. Mansfield is focused on partnering with clients to provide innovative, technology-based fuel solutions to support their energy supply chain. From traditional petroleum products to CNG, LNG, specialty chemicals and renewable fuels, Mansfield’s expertise spans nearly all channels of transportation fuels and fuels services. Mansfield’s corporate headquarters is located in Gainesville, GA, with regional operations centers located in Chicago, Detroit, Denver, near Los Angeles, Houston, Calgary and renewable energy operations in Bloomington, MN. For more information, visit .

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