FreeWave Introduces New Class 1 Division 1 Solution For Wireless Monitoring Applications In Hazardous Locations

FreeWave Technologies, (, the innovator in industrial-grade secure M2M wireless networking solutions, today announced the release of its WaveLine 10i (, a Class 1 Division 1 (C1D1) certified high performance wireless I/O networking solution ideal for use in oil and gas, water/wastewater and in other industrial settings for applications in hazardous environments. After a rigorous certification process ensuring optimal performance in potentially dangerous settings, FreeWave now offers the WaveLine 10i to all new and existing customers. With a C1D1 certification, operators can achieve a safe operating environment for a variety of monitoring applications, including pressures, temperatures and liquid levels. In addition, it eliminates the need for conduit and installation outside of the C1D1 area offering easier, faster and less expensive installations.

“With a C1D1 certification, the WaveLine 10i is safe for use in hazardous environments – a very common requirement in exploration and production processes,” said Glenn Longley, product manager of I/O systems at FreeWave Technologies. “With the latest addition to FreeWave’s wireless networking solutions portfolio, customers can install our technology at hazardous locations, such as the oil tanks at production facilities or along transportation pipelines where explosive gas is normally present. The integrated rechargeable batteries, which include a solar panel and NEMA 4X enclosure, make for an easy install and hassle-free operation. The ruggedized package makes the WaveLine 10i appealing even beyond the C1D1 applications and into industries and locations that do not require such stringent certifications. The WaveLine 10i is backwards compatible with existing FreeWave communication networks on short or long distance communication links.”

The WaveLine 10i is to the latest addition to FreeWave’s I/O family of networking solutions designed for remote process automation, process optimization and condition-based monitoring. FreeWave’s wireless I/O solutions combine remote measurement, remote control and real-time data communications with the industry’s most reliable and secure wireless networks. By integrating wireless I/O into small field networks, medium plant operations and/or large SCADA systems, operators can receive wireless sensor measurements, physical control and communications between remote controllers from a single device. The WaveLine 10i can pair with a variety of sensors, providing the ultimate flexibility in allowing customers to choose the best sensor and wireless communication offering as opposed to purchasing a packaged solution that often provides subpar sensor and wireless performance. It also offers an integrated solar power system that eliminates regular trips to remote locations for battery replacement. Operators can leverage the WaveLine’s versatility for any number of applications that require the monitoring of analog values. An ideal example is pressure monitoring at wellheads or along pipelines. It is available with two analog inputs, including sensor power, two selectable digital I/O channels and an integrated 1watt900 MHz FreeWave communications solution.

Additional key features of the WaveLine 10i include:

  • LCD Display
  • Keypad configuration
  • Nema 4X enclosure

“Organizations today require dependable wireless networking solutions that are both secure and versatile in nature,” said Ashish Sharma, chief marketing officer at FreeWave Technologies. “Offering a C1D1 solution allows existing FreeWave customers to expand their wireless communication capabilities into hazardous environments and provides more options for new customers’ I/O packages.”

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