Tesco Mobile Launches 4G Coverage Checker Powered by SpatialBuzz

SpatialBuzz, an innovative cloud-based customer experience analytics and service monitoring platform for network operators, has announced that Tesco Mobile has launched its online coverage checker, a component of SpatialBuzz’s cloud-based customer experience management (CEM) software solution. Introduced to coincide with the recent launch of Tesco Mobile’s 4G service, the SpatialBuzz software provides customers with real-time access to detailed coverage maps for both 2G and 3G as well as for 4G.

The SpatialBuzz online coverage checker means that both existing and potential customers of Tesco Mobile will be able to check whether 4G coverage is adequate in their area before making a decision to purchase or upgrade to the new 4G service. Tesco Mobile is the UK’s largest Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), with 3.5 million customers, working on the O2 network. Telefónica O2 has already been using the SpatialBuzz (CEM) software since 2010.

“The network coverage checker powered by SpatialBuzz has already been proven on the Telefónica O2 websites in both the UK and in Germany, and in handset apps. This launch means that Tesco Mobile customers can now enjoy the same level of transparency about network coverage that has already set O2 apart from its competitors”, said Andrew Blake, CTO of SpatialBuzz. “The customer can determine whether the 4G phone they plan to buy will provide adequate network coverage in the area in which they intend to use it, and thus avoid costly mistakes.”

SpatialBuzz harnesses the power of customer experience analytics to enable operators to better understand service issues, by analysing in real time where customers and agents are performing network status checks.

About SpatialBuzz

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