e-Reputation Management Warns Against Unethical Marketers and Fake Yelp Reviews

e-ReputationManagement.com, a leading team of online personal and business search engine reputation management consultants, has today issued a warning concerning unethical marketers and fake Yelp reviews. Businesses and individuals in need of reputation repair should avoid any company or service provider who does not adhere to strict ethical standards. The backlash from utilizing unethical solutions can cause even greater harm to a reputation.

The founder of e-ReputationManagement.com, Tony Tateossian, warns, “Unethical marketers are like an unmanned surfboard crashing through the waves. There’s no control at all. And what’s more, if those reviews are discovered to be fake, the company or individual stands to suffer even greater damage to their reputations.”

Reputation repair has become a necessity for a broad swathe of organizations, and even individuals. A handful of negative reviews can lead to a dramatic drop in sales for businesses. For individuals, it can result in being fired, not being hired for a job for which they’re qualified and more. However, while necessary, reputation repair must be done correctly. Online personal and business search engine reputation management consultants should use holistic methods to repair reputations, not unethical or underhanded solutions.

Tateossian goes on to explain, “These marketers are relentless in creating fake reviews for their clients all over the Internet for their products or services. Be very wary of reviews that are all five stars – even if they love a product, most people aren’t that generous with five-star ratings. The truth is that you should see an occasional three or four-star rating for most companies, since that’s just part of being in business.”

e-ReputationManagement.com provides industry-leading reputation repair solutions that work, and do so without the backlash that comes from unethical methods. The company offers a host of solutions, including a new smartphone app that allows businesses and individuals to track their online reputation in real time.

To learn more about the vital reputation repair services offered, visit the company at: http://www.e-ReputationManagement.com.

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