VETEK Group of Companies Announces VETEK Fuel Card Launch

VETEK Group of Companies introduces the VETEK fuel card, valid at more than 2,500 petrol stations in Ukraine as well as throughout the CIS and Europe.

VETEK fuel card holders will be able to purchase fuel and lubricants and participate in the non-cash payment system available within the filling station network of VETEK and its partners.

Partnering with VETEK in this program are leading fuel operators, including: Rosneft (TNK-BP), Lukoil, Shell, and others. The list of partners is constantly growing, as VETEK is working on attracting new program participants to expand the area of coverage for the fuel cards.

“Using VETEK fuel cards and coupons allows customers to purchase any type of fuel, control mutual payment procedures and cash flows. The cards also include a layered security system, provide access to loyalty programs, and ensure efficiency and convenience of on-line services”, – said VETEK Head of Retail Department, Sergey Malakhovskiy.

If you are interested in obtaining a VETEK fuel card or would like to learn more about the advantages of the non-cash payment system, please contact us: +38(0)44-499-34-90,

About VETEK Group of Companies

The Founder of the VETEK Group of Companies and the Chairman of VETEK Supervisory Board is Mr. Sergey Kurchenko.

VETEK’s strategy is focused on investment in projectswith high growth potential in Ukraine, CIS and Europe, as well as development of socially important projects in Ukraine, including restoration of the refining sector. The consolidation of energy assets and operations under VETEK brand started in 2013.

VETEK creates a vertically integrated company, which will include oil exploration, refining and product sales with the aim of taking a leading position in the Ukrainian market, as well as expanding trade operations in the Black Sea region.

VETEK runs its processing and refinery operations through PJSC Odessa Oil Refinery Plant, which capacity reaches up to 2,5 mln tons per year and a product portfolio includes Euro-4 and Euro-5 grade gasoil, VGO, fuel oil, jet oil and bitumen.