OB10 and Digital Planet form an alliance to streamline invoice processing

As new Turkish e-Invoicing regulations come into force in January 2014, two leading service providers have partnered to bring world-class electronic invoicing to Turkey. The alliance between OB10, the global e-Invoicing network that is part of Tungsten Corporation plc, and Digital Planet, Turkey’s leading e-Invoicing solution provider, will enable companies to comply with the regulations and automate their invoicing processes.

Digital Planet, one of the first certified service providers in Turkey, helps companies that are required to adopt e-Invoicing to integrate with the government’s new system without changing their invoicing flows.

OB10 enables companies to simplify their invoice processing, reduce operational costs and improve cash-flow management. As part of Tungsten Corporation, it also aims to offer invoice discounting to Turkish suppliers and generate substantial cost savings for buying organisations through spend analytics.

“Our partnership will help organisations meet their regulatory requirements and streamline their processes,” said Edmund Truell, Group CEO at Tungsten Corporation. “Automated invoice processing also allows companies to take advantage of early payment discounts and improve payment performance.”

“OB10 is a global giant in e-Invoicing and has been delivering purchase-to-pay automation solutions to the world’s largest companies since 2000,” said Digital Planet CEO Adnan Vural. By presenting our services through a common platform, our alliance combines our local experience with global practices. We are proud that OB10 has chosen to work with Digital Planet after an extensive search in Turkey.”

Through e-Invoicing, the Ministry of Finance aims to close the gap from lost taxation, while companies can strengthen their invoicing practices, invoice data analysis and supplier relations.

About Digital Planet

Digital Planet has been a pioneer and leading organisation in e-Invoicing integration systems since 2005.

Digital Planet’s Netinvoice system, fully compliant with e-Invoicing standards, is a customised e-Invoicing solution preferred by organisations such as Türk Telekom, Vodafone, Carrefour, MediaMarkt-Saturn, Telpa, DHL, Novartis, Estee Lauder, Huawei, Red Bull and Sandoz. This system can be integrated with nearly all ERP systems using a fully web-based cloud application that manages the whole range of invoicing processes such as delivery, receipt, storage and presentation without requiring any installation within the organisation and in a manner fully compliant with all security and confidentiality rules.

In addition to its liaison office in Silicon Valley, USA, Digital Planet recently established Digital Planet Technology in the UK for its international marketing activities. Digital Planet is not only an application developer but also a technology provider and producer with R&D activities supported by TÜBİTAK. Digital Planet offers its storage technology, winner of the 2011 Technology Awards Turkey, to e-Invoicing users.

About OB10

OB10, part of Tungsten Corporation plc, is the global e-Invoicing network that simplifies and streamlines the complex invoice-to-pay process to enable prompt payment. Operational across Europe, the Americas and Asia, OB10 can reduce invoice-processing costs by 60% and deliver an ROI in less than a year.

Tungsten Corporation’s OB10 network connects some of the world’s largest companies to their thousands of suppliers around the globe. It processes transactions worth over TRY 350bn (GBP 100bn) per year for organisations such as Aviva, Cargill, Deutsche Lufthansa, General Motors, GlaxoSmithKline, IBM, Kellogg’s, Motorola, Tesco and Whirlpool.

Tungsten Corporation combines the OB10 e-Invoicing network with supply chain financing and helps organisations profit by applying innovative spend analytics to its vast repository of invoice data.