TEAM Wireless Signs on to Sell SnapOne, Inc’s Cloud Applications

SnapOne, Inc., a fast growing developer of cloud- applications, today announced that TEAM Wireless, a Verizon premium retailer, has signed on to offer Snap One® products in their 27 retail locations throughout Michigan and Wisconsin. SnapOne, Inc.’s portfolio of high-quality subscription security, synchronization and media streaming cloud applications will now help TEAM Wireless to meet the evolving mobile and digital management needs of their customers.

Rollout of the services, including the Snap One®, Snap Secure® and Snap FamilySafe™ cloud applications, is already underway, giving TEAM Wireless patrons immediate access to comprehensive mobile security and content management.

“We’re excited to offer our customers Snap One’s cloud services – they’re valuable tools to have in today’s ever-changing wireless world,” said Justin Burford, Vice President and COO of TEAM Wireless. “Plus, we love that we can introduce Snap One at just the right moment, when customers are thinking about security and protection for their new device.”

“TEAM Wireless signing on to offer our Snap One products to their customers is a great thing for us and them,” said Jiren Parikh, President and CEO of SnapOne, Inc. “It expands our retail reach and makes even more consumers aware of the critical mobile security and content management applications we offer.”

Snap One® is a suite of apps that includes Snap Secure®, Snap Sync™ and Snap Play™, and allows individuals and families to easily secure, sync, back up, stream and share their digital lives through a secure, centralized cloud. Snap One subscribers can add up to six users, 1 TB of cloud storage and unlimited devices to one account. Snap Secure is also sold as a standalone cloud app, addressing individual and family security with full device backup and restore features at a lower price-point than Snap One. Snap FamilySafe is an affordable and comprehensive personal and device security-focused mobile application without backup and restore features.

Customers can buy Snap One, Snap Secure and Snap FamilySafe at TEAM Wireless locations and other retail stores nationwide and immediately download the applications onto their devices. The cloud applications are available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.

About SnapOne, Inc.
SnapOne, Inc. is a fast-growing developer of consumer and family cloud applications and underlying platform. The company’s Snap One®, Snap Secure®, Snap Sync™, Snap Play™ and Snap FamilySafe™ brands allow individuals and families to leverage the cloud with simple yet powerful applications for securing data, devices and people, and synchronizing, streaming and managing their entire digital life across a broad range of devices. Its products and services are available globally through smartphone app stores, retailers and select channel partners as branded and co-branded offerings. SnapOne, Inc. is headquartered in Princeton, N.J. with offices located worldwide. Learn more at

About TEAM Wireless
TEAM Wireless is a locally owned Verizon Wireless Premium Retailer, with 27 retail locations throughout Michigan and Wisconsin. For more information, please visit