Global Logistic Express Goes Global Through the Web

GLE (Global Logistics Express) is a new top player in the field of logistics. Located just outside Milan, GLE provides a wide range of quality services of distribution: custom-made shipments, domestic and international transports, e-commerce logistics service, logistic outsourcing.

GLE is the ideal partner for every company that wants to manage their business in Italy and in Europe. The main objective of GLE is offering a complete 360° and custom solution for every customer with a consistent and measurable reduction of costs and time.

The highly skilled staff of GLE will guarantee a total and responsive support to every customer’s request and need. A dedicated team of professionals will be assigned to every client with the objective to offer a real tailor-made and custom solution.

The core business of GLE is the e-commerce market: time savings and cost reduction are the main goals of every service, from storage solutions to B2C transport. A special ‘postal’ service is also dedicated to the e-commerce market.

Every shipment marked with the postal feature will be electronically tracked in order to be always aware about the status of the delivery. This feature also gives the opportunity to collect the products shipped at postal offices, free of storage fees. This is highly valued by the online customers who often are the final clients of the delivery process.

GLE is highly appreciated by its partners – ranging from cosmetics to food business – for its quality procedure and loyalty policies, which guarantee that every request is treated with high standards of professional care.

Following are some of the main services offered by GLE:

  • Custom-made shipments
  • Home delivery
  • Deliver on a specific floor of the building (both private and professional)
  • On time delivery
  • Shipments on appointment
  • Shipments delivered on the same day
  • Logistics outsourcing services
  • Storage protected by alarm systems, security guards and insurance policies
  • Labelling and packaging of products
  • Quantity and quality control
  • Reverse logistics
  • Management of returned goods
  • State of the art e-commerce logistic service


GLE (Global Logistics Express) is a company based in Northern Italy and serves clients all over Europe. Its core business is e-commerce logistics, but it offers tailor-made and high quality logistics services to every kind of company, ranging from food to cosmetics products.