Imagine Communications Introduces Software-Defined Networking and Workflows

Imagine Communications, a market share leader of media software and networking solutions serving the global media and entertainment markets, today introduced MultiService SDN™, a software-defined networking (SDN) framework that creates a fully virtualized network fabric for deploying advanced services. This unique framework enables the video bit flow to be software-mapped, simplifying the network architecture of media companies operating in hybrid environments with both baseband and IP workflows.

“We have taken a cue from the world of IT networking where SDN has exploded in popularity to enable faster, cheaper and better innovation,” said Charlie Vogt, CEO of Imagine Communications. “Today’s network technology is cumbersome and complex – requiring substantial investments to support emerging workflows and delivery types, while lacking the advantages of standard IT environments. Our unique, hybrid approach to SDN changes the bit flow while enhancing the workflow – dramatically improving the way video is managed through broadcast facilities by allowing the entire bit flow to be software-defined.”

Based on open standards that enable a multi-vendor ecosystem, MultiService SDN allows media companies to seamlessly leverage the high-quality video processing done in baseband while providing an on-ramp and off-ramp to baseband over IP via a software control layer. This new architecture creates scalable, geo-diverse and elastic networks that are customer-configurable to each unique workflow, and paves the way for migration of functionality into virtualized environments. Leveraging commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) processing and switching platforms from best-in-class partners, the MultiService SDN framework offers a significantly differentiated approach that is more scalable and reliable, supporting a fully redundant two-switch hitless architecture. It also allows operations staff and systems to interface to the hybrid-IP or all-IP plant using traditional protocols and operational practices – ensuring continuity of operations and easing staff re-training burdens.

“Our customers have made considerable investments in baseband video processing, which makes our software-driven, standards-based approach a key differentiator,” said Steve Reynolds, Chief Technology Officer at Imagine Communications. “For all functions critical to bit flow, MultiService SDN adds a layer that helps customers more effectively manage that video data and facilitate the migration from baseband to IP. Our customers can be assured that as they invest in our products and solutions today, we will bring them a software layer that enables them to create, manage and deliver content more flexibly and economically.”

In tandem with streamlining infrastructure through MultiService SDN, Imagine Communications’ Software Defined Workflows (SDW) allow media companies to apply a similar software-mapped approach to video workflows. Traditionally, changing the workflow meant changing the systems, which are static and in many cases are hard-coded in the processing systems. SDW allows media companies to change the workflow sequence and timing with ease and to add new ingest sources simply by mapping them into the process. By bringing the core flexibility benefits of SDN and SDW to the baseband systems of today, Imagine Communications provides a logical extension of existing investments and a pathway to a hybrid/IP future. This creates a more flexible service development environment that results in improved service velocity by letting the user try new things and readily introduce new technology and services, advancing their networks farther and faster.

Imagine Communications has been involved in every step of the media industry’s migration to IP, starting with the earliest demonstrations of IP transport of television signals to holding key roles in the development of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineer (SMPTE) standards. By coupling this technology pedigree with wide and deep experience in IT-leveraged workflow acceleration and large-scale, software-based signal processing, Imagine Communications is at the forefront of the SDN model for the media industry.

MultiService SDN supports Imagine Communications’ award-winning Platinum™ routing and Selenio™ processing and compression solutions, providing a path to cloud-based virtualized workflow systems. New modules for these products will be showcased at the 2014 NAB Show, demonstrating the company’s hybrid approach to managing bit flow and on-ramp / off-ramp functionality for baseband over IP.

To learn more about MultiService SDN and SDW, visit To see these new solutions in action, stop by the Imagine Communications booth N2503 at the 2014 NAB Show.

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