VirTra Announces Custom Simulator Sale to Bellevue Police

Bob Ferris, VirTra Systems’ CEO and president (Pink Sheets:VTSI) , today announced that a police department in Bellevue, Washington has ordered a custom version VirTra IVR-180™ police decision making simulator and firearms training system for immediate delivery.

The all-inclusive police simulation system will fit into a small room and provide the most realistic arena for situational judgment training and advanced indoor marksmanship training . Bellevue’s simulator marks an engineering first for VirTra – it has been custom designed to retract out of the way when not in use. This is a step that makes VirTra’s world-renowned simulators even more accessible to facilities with limited space.

The order includes VirTra’s patent-pending Threat-Fire™ belts for safe return fire simulation, and recoil kits that use low-cost compressed air instead of dangerous and expensive ammunition.

“We know that some customers need to use a classroom for both simulation training and lecture purposes. While our software and scenarios continue to lead the industry, our new retractable hardware truly shows the versatility of our firearms training systems to fit in smaller spaces and be a 100% efficient use of space for even a greater number of customers,” said Bob Ferris, CEO and president of VirTra.

About VirTra Systems

The company produces the best-in-class firearm simulators for both law enforcement and military customers throughout the world. VirTra is the higher standard in simulation: from exceptional customer service to unparalleled technology like 360 degree HD training platforms and the Threat-Fire™ safe return fire system (patent pending). When training realism matters, military and law enforcement professionals consistently select VirTra’s simulators to help save lives.