Buxton Launches Market Share Solution for Retailers

Buxton is pleased to announce the launch of its Market Share Solution for U.S. retailers. Executives in the retail, restaurant and grocery industries can now compare their market share performance to that of an aggregated peer group, giving them valuable insights into how their business is performing to others in their market or industry.

Using a report that includes aggregated and de-identified data from Visa Inc., Buxton can compare a retailer’s market share for individual locations, specific markets and its business as a whole to that of its peer set. This collaboration brings market share out of the realm of theory and into the realm of practical business decision-making. Incorporating Visa payment transaction data into the solution allows retailers to determine the revenue impact of marketing campaigns, pricing changes, and a host of other strategic factors, while understanding and accounting for the impact of the overall market.

“Buxton’s relationship with Visa continues to generate powerful solutions for businesses,” said Tom Buxton, founder and CEO of Buxton. “The Market Share Solution is an example of the big answers possible from the strategic and responsible use of data.”

This new solution from Buxton provides actionable insights while respecting the privacy of account holders and merchants. All transactional data is aggregated and averaged, meaning no individual consumer purchasing patterns can be identified. Additionally, merchant data will be reported as an aggregated peer set.

About Buxton
In a world where big data gets a lot of attention, Buxton focuses on providing BIG answers to its clients. Since 1994, Buxton has helped more than 3,000 clients in retail, healthcare, consumer packaged goods and the public sector. We provide answers to business questions around real estate, marketing, and merchandising strategies. Our clients include Marriott, Jamba Juice, Red Wing Shoes, Sally Beauty Supply, GNC, and Anthropologie.