Juniper Introduces Advanced Applications to Enhance Multimedia Service Delivery Over Converged IP Networks

Juniper Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ:JNPR), the leader in high-performance networking, today introduced a series of new applications and services that will enable customers to deliver voice, video and other multimedia services with exceptional efficiency, reduced costs and increased scale and reliability. Building on the Intelligent Services Edge portfolio , these new features simplify networks and facilitate convergence for enterprises, government agencies and service providers by fully integrating key service delivery and performance assurance functions directly within the routing platforms and IP network infrastructure. Additionally, Juniper is delivering hardware and software features that reduce costs by enabling customers to leverage investments in legacy voice and data networking equipment while they migrate to next-generation IP transport networks and services.

Enhancing Security and Performance

Enabling customers to deliver voice and multimedia services with assured quality and superior security, Juniper has announced a comprehensive Integrated Multiservice Gateway (IMSG) solution. The IMSG solution tightly integrates standards-based session border control (SBC) signaling and media gateway functions with sophisticated, high performance routing and comprehensive security features that include intrusion prevention software, IPsec and firewall services.

By integrating these features into a cohesive service chain that runs on Juniper’s Multiservices cards for the M and MX Series , Juniper customers will be able to avoid the costs and complexity associated with deploying multiple service-specific appliances to perform each of these functions. Juniper estimates that by eliminating or reducing the need to deploy standalone appliances such as Session Border Controllers, the IMSG solution can reduce power consumption by 30 percent or more.

“As the world continues to move to IP, we see the requirement for SBC functionality as a strong growth opportunity,” said Diane Myers, directing analyst, Service Provider VoIP & IMS, Infonetics Research, Inc. “Juniper’s announcement is well timed, as an integrated approach can help service providers reduce cost and complexity.”

Furthermore, integrating these functions within the routing infrastructure also provides greater scalability than discrete appliances—and because the Multiservices cards provide dedicated processing resources, customers will be able to add these services without impacting the performance of other services running on the router.

Protecting Investments and Easing Migration

For enterprises, government organizations and service providers who have an installed base of legacy voice infrastructure and time-division multiplexed (TDM) circuit-based networking equipment, Juniper is delivering hardware and software features for the CTP Series (for Circuit-to-Packet), BX Series Multi-Access Gateways , and M Series Multiservice Edge Routers that can ease the transition to next-generation IP infrastructure, while making maximum use of prior product investments. The BX Series and Circuit Emulation Physical Interface Cards (PICs) for the M Series provide reliable transport of TDM and voice traffic over an IP/MPLS network. New Voice Modules and software updates for the CTP Series provide analog voice, voice compression and echo cancellation support, which enable customers to reliably transport analog voice, serial data, and TDM based services over an IP/MPLS network.

Together, these enhancements facilitate the transport of voice, radio, legacy data and many other types of traffic over a single, converged IP/MPLS infrastructure—this enables service providers, government agencies and enterprises to realize the cost and operational benefits of a next-generation IP infrastructure, while leveraging investments in existing legacy voice and circuit-based networking equipment.

Performance Assurance

Juniper is also introducing Telchemy embedded Performance Monitor (TePM) , a comprehensive router-integrated IP performance management application that facilitates service-level monitoring and troubleshooting for a broad collection of IP services. By providing active network, session and application layer monitoring for a wide variety of IP voice and data services from within the routing infrastructure, TePM improves efficiency and eliminates the costs associated with deploying standalone monitoring or measurement appliances; this integration also brings the added benefits of increased scale, performance, and reliability.

As announced separately today , TePM was developed by Telchemy, a Juniper Open IP Solution Development Program (OSDP) member and the leading provider of IP, VoIP and IP Video performance management solutions. As a member of the OSDP, Telchemy has access to the Partner Solution Development Platform (PSDP), which it used to integrate its DVQattest performance monitoring technology with Juniper’s best-in-class Juniper Networks JUNOS® Software, M Series and MX Series routers. The PSDP enables customers and partners to develop specialized applications on its best-in-class JUNOS Software. By delivering applications that are tightly integrated with JUNOS and run directly on Juniper routing platforms, the PSDP SDK and OSDP partner program enable customers to purchase a broader portfolio of end-to-end solutions through Juniper’s direct and indirect channels.

“Regardless of where they are in the transition to next-generation converged networks, our customers are always looking for cost-effective ways to deliver voice, video and other multimedia services with increased efficiency and performance,” said Rami Rahim, vice president of product management, Edge and Aggregation Business Unit, Juniper Networks. “With the features announced today, we’re helping customers make that transition and continuing to build on the Intelligent Services Edge with a set of features and functionality that will help our customers support voice and multimedia services with greater scale, performance and security.”

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