New Website Brings Together the Web’s Most Interesting Content, Encourages Users to Share Stories and Videos

Capitalizing on the content revolution, the team behind ( has ambitious plans to become the leading aggregator of the best videos and stories the web has to offer. Launched in January, the site adds new content every day, helping to drive up engagement and loyalty.

“When people hear ‘viral,’ they think of video, so we’ve definitely reserved space for the most popular videos on the web,” explained’s founder. “Those videos all have one thing in common – they tell great stories, which is really the essence of what we want out site to accomplish. More importantly, we only focus on positive and creative stories, which means users won’t see tabloid news or anything at all negative.”

The power of video is hard to argue with; advertisers say that one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. In the world of shareable content, video can confirm or change opinions, brighten someone’s day, or elicit feelings of wonder. As for design, has adopted a “simple is better” approach, making for a clean and easy to navigate site.

The audience for video is huge and growing: half of all Internet users watch at least one online video every month. Every day, 100 million people watch video content of one form or another – viral videos are a big share of that number.

Although video is important, it’s not the only content type helping engage its audience. Under the heading of “stories” are lists and picture collections. As with the video content, the site’s stories are designed to be memorable and shareworthy. A list of surprising “microwave hacks,” for instance, is just the sort of information that users eagerly share with friends and family. After all, sharing is the energy driving the viral content lifecycle.

Founder added: “Great stories can even improve people’s lives by showcasing some of the many positive things happening in our world today. So, while cable news trades in gloom and doom, looks at the uplifting side of humanity.”

The long-term goal of is simple: to keep posting the most entertaining, compelling, and shareable content in the world. With 2.5 billion Internet users worldwide, the growth potential is off the charts. Having already racked up thousands of likes,’s Facebook page also provides fresh content throughout the day and helps refer new users to the site. takes copyright seriously and always indicates the source of its content pieces. Likewise, the site does not sell or otherwise distribute the personal information of users. Such information is collected only as means to improve the site and personalize the user experience.

About is a content aggregation site where we bring the best stories and videos from around the Internet to one spot.