Digitalis Introduces an Enhanced Digitarium® Delta Digital Planetarium Model

Digitalis Education Solutions, Inc. is proud to announce the Digitarium Delta 3, a newly redesigned entry level digital planetarium system for astronomy and earth science educators.

Compact, lightweight, and powerful, the Digitarium Delta 3 is designed for portable domes up to 24 feet (7 meters) in diameter. Paired with a Digitalis inflatable dome, a gymnasium can quickly and easily be turned into an on-site planetarium. From the time you open the rugged transit case to projecting the sky takes only about two minutes. This enables easy sharing of this incredible resource within a school district or larger outreach area. Teachers in formal and informal education settings will appreciate being able to easily move, store, set up, and use the Digitarium Delta 3.

The Digitarium Delta 3 combines a high resolution, high quality, commercial grade DLP video projector, proprietary Digitalis fisheye lens, and control computer in one compact package. Operation is through an incredibly easy to use backlit remote control. Enhancements from the previous Digitarium Delta 2 model include significant weight and size reductions and built-in WIFI for the optional Universal Console iPad control interface.

With a US price of $15,900 USD, the Digitarium Delta 3 is an incredible value proposition. It provides a higher quality projection than any spherical mirror type system, with high contrast, consistently good focus, even brightness over the entire dome, and no blind spots or cutouts. Don’t be fooled into thinking that a more expensive mirror system must be worth the extra expense, when any fisheye-based system is so much easier on your eyes and makes student learning so much more convenient.

The Digitarium Delta 3 includes a free upgrade to Nightshade NG Basic once this second generation simulation software is released by Digitalis. Like all Digitarium systems, the Digitarium Delta 3 is not limited to astronomy: Display content on any subject in your immersive theater, with on the fly distortion correction. Live, scripted, and prerecorded fulldome video shows are all easy to present with Digitarium systems.

About Digitalis Education Solutions, Inc.:

Digitalis was founded in 2003 to create capable and affordable tools for astronomy education. With nearly 500 Digitarium® systems in use around the world, Digitalis is the leading provider of digital planetarium systems worldwide.