Inky Team Extends Desktop Inky To Mobile Devices: ‘An App for All of Your Email’

The Inky team, creators of the popular, free, cloud-enabled desktop email client for Mac and Windows, today announced Inky’s extension to iOS devices. Inky’s smart app for iPhone and iPad has a simple, intuitive interface and organizes multiple email accounts – whether you have one or five – into one single uncluttered inbox.

By using a cloud-based platform to store just personalized settings rather than the email itself, Inky makes it safe, secure and seamless to switch between work, home, and mobile email. The configuration, customization, and settings stay in sync no matter where the user is. Messages can be categorized into smart views and sorted by relevance. As soon as you sign in, Inky goes to work figuring out what each message is about and determining how meaningful it is to you. You then have to option to sort your mail by relevance.

“Inky represents a fresh take on email,” said Dave Baggett, CEO, of the Inky team. “From one-click unsubscribe to package tracking, it’s a refreshingly simple interface that helps you check all of your email efficiently. Inky’s smart tools, which can help you get things done faster, eliminate all of the typical clutter often seen in traditional email clients.”

Inky’s Zero Setup makes getting started a breeze. You simply enter the address and password for each email account, and Inky will connect to all your Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo! Mail,, IMAP, and POP mail servers. From your device, using the strongest available encryption, Inky connects directly to your mail servers to download your email (without going through any other servers, in particular, ours). Your email stays safe and private, and you can switch between Inky and your providers’ Web interfaces anytime.

The app comes with standard email features (like sorting by author and message size), but also has features new with Inky (letter-at-a-time search, sorting by relevance). In addition, the new app introduces mobile-only capabilities (like one-click reply and swipe). Inky’s algorithms rank messages by significance and according to category. Then, with simple controls, the user views them in whatever way is most convenient, easiest to understand, or most meaningful.

“Inky Mail is the most powerful mobile email app on the market today, and it’s incredibly intuitive and easy to use,” Baggett said. “Users can read through their automatically categorized messages in a unified approach across all of their devices in an effortless manner. We have worked hard to keep the process as simple as possible, so anyone can take advantage of it.”

The iOS app, which is free for a limited time, will be available starting May 28, 2014 for download in the iTunes store. An Android version will come out this summer.

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About Inky

With many man-years of programming already poured into it, the Inky email client is engineered from the ground up to be the ‘smart, simple, safe’ way to read and respond to email. By using a cloud-based platform to store personalized settings, not the email itself, the Inky app makes it safe and seamless to switch between work, home and mobile email. The company is based in Bethesda, Maryland. The Inky mascot is an octopus, nature’s multitasker. Visit for more information.