Reqallable for Google Glass is available in beta and can be downloaded from Google Play

reQall (, the award-winning developer of proactive intelligent assistant technologies, today launches reqallable for Google Glass, the first context-aware app that intelligently identifies critical information and enables wearers to act on what matters most in email and text messages. reqallable is also the first and only example of Glassware that allows wearers to access and reply to any email – not limited to Gmail accounts – providing the only way on Google Glass to check personal and work-related emails, whether on Yahoo!, Outlook or any popular email service. Available for free from Google Glass, reqallable contextualizes where you are, what you are doing and who is important as it intelligently screens messages, spotlights the most critical details and requests, and enables you to respond directly using Google Glass.

reqallable automatically determines and prioritizes messages from all of your most important contacts based on your calendar, communications, activity and location. When you’ve scheduled a meeting, reqallable will alert you to messages from participants, temporarily elevating those contacts to VIP status while holding back other, less-critical messages until the meeting has finished. When a message arrives, reqallable parses emails and texts to present only the most crucial details, and even offers the ability to answer via voice or to tap a quick reply for a prompt response.

“reqallable makes Google Glass an even more effective and convenient way to not only check messages, but to reply promptly and directly using Google Glass,” said Rao Machiraju, co-founder and CEO of reQall. “reQall’s foundation is award-winning research from MIT that explored how technology can automate everyday tasks. reqallable for Google Glass does this with all your email on a form factor where user interaction is limited.”

reqallable for Google Glass comes on the heels of smartwatch app launches by reQall, which introduced reqallable for the Sony Smartwatch in January, the Samsung Gear in February and Pebble in March. New reQall apps for other devices will be released in the coming months.

reqallable for Google Glass is available in beta and can be downloaded from Google Play. More information can be found at

About reQall
Recognized as one of the top 25 ideas from MIT Media Lab over the past 25 years, reQall is the award-winning developer of context-aware, proactive and intelligent assistant applications for wearable and mobile devices. reQall is a venture-backed company based in NASA’s Silicon Valley research park.