Tipalti Customers Help Each Other Stop Fraud

Tipalti, leading provider of enterprise-class automated pay-out management platforms, has released the second phase of its Risk Management Module (RMM), which blocks fraudulent payees across the entire Tipalti network. The RMM has already helped several networks identify and block dozens of fraudsters.

For businesses making mass-payments, security and compliance are critical — and reducing the risk of fraudulent publishers and affiliates scamming the network, can save companies significant amounts of money.

“In the short time we have been using the RMM, we have already been alerted about multiple suspected fraudsters,” said Phil Jones, CFO of Mundo Media, a performance–based advertising network. “In addition, we found that each suspected fraudster was somehow linked to other payees that were not previously detected. We have reduced the risk of fraudulent publishers using our network and have potentially saved thousands of dollars in payments we may have otherwise made. We have also used RMM to classify fraudsters so that other networks become aware of fraudulent accounts identified on our network.”

With the release of the second phase of the RMM, every company using Tipalti’s payment management system can harness the detection power of all other Tipalti users. The Network Blocked Payees functionality stops fraudsters before they ever gain access to the resources of the network.

Mr. Jones adds: “At Mundo Media, a large part of our success as a business is our speed, efficiency and accuracy in remitting payments to our extensive base of publishers and affiliates. A critical component to this success is the use of Tipalti’s software to handle mass pay-outs on a global basis. Having used Tipalti for almost two years, we are pleased to utilize their Risk Management Module (RMM). This module further assists us in securing our payment process.”

“Since we released the first phase of RMM, our customers continue to share stories of the new visibility they have gained and the savings they have made,” said Chen Amit, Tipalti’s CEO. “Pay-out management is not only about moving money from one point to the other. It’s about having proper processes and controls to do it securely and efficiently. With the Network Blocked Payees functionality we are adding another way for our customers to guard themselves, and save a lot of money that would otherwise reach the fraudsters.”

About Tipalti
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