Prologic Technology Systems Unveils the First Fully-Integrated Online Registration to its TEAMS™ K-12 Management System

Prologic Technology Systems, Inc. recently announced the rollout of its new online registration capability. The system went live with one Texas district in March and there are four other districts with implementations currently underway. The recently added functionality is available to all TEAMS™ clients as part of both the cloud and on-site solutions.

TEAMS’ online registration will allow parents of new and existing students to sign up as a user and register, add or edit student information. Parents can select from language preferences defined by the district and the system automatically adjusts the fields to accommodate that preference. New student registration can also be associated with existing student records from a particular family so that emergency contact information and other core data need only to be input once.

The registration system is designed to offer district administrators tremendous flexibility in designing forms to collect data from parents and selecting which data fields need to be captured in the database. Parents can download documents and acknowledge receipt, all in the same system.

“The true value of the TEAMS online registration compared to stand alone programs is the tight integration it has with all other components within the system,” stated Lori Harlan Miller, Vice President of Student Systems for Prologic. “TEAMS does more than simply connect the registration to the student information system. TEAMS automatically validates much of the data as its being input, including verification if an address falls within the boundaries of a selected district campus. The system will also check to see if there is another student in the system using the same social security number to avoid duplicate entries. This validation goes a long way to improve data integrity, which is essential to districts,” concluded Miller.

Paper-based student registration can be one of the most tedious and costly processes school districts go through each year. It can take months for district staff to transcribe often illegible paper-based forms from parents. With budgets continuously being challenged, many districts are going to online registrations to save money and improve the accuracy of often hard-to-transcribe handwritten forms. With TEAMS there are no processing delays; administrators have real-time access to the most recent student information, including emergency contact information.

About Prologic Technology Systems, Inc.

Prologic is the first advanced technology solution for K-12 school district administration and student management. Prologic’s Total Education Administrative Management Solution (TEAMS ERP™) seamlessly bridges the silos of finance, human resource and student information into a single, cohesive database capable of real-time reporting and simplified collaboration among district teachers, students, administrators and parents. TEAMS ERP is ideal for school districts requiring a robust, yet easy-to-use system that is highly scalable and configurable. Prologic has been solely focused on delivering intelligent software solutions to the K-12 market since 1992. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas. For more information, visit us online at