Scantron® Announces Class Climate 4.0 — Customize Your Course Evaluations

Scantron Corporation announces the release of Class Climate 4.0, the newest evolution of the comprehensive course evaluation system used by colleges, universities and corporate training departments. Combining expanded capabilities with new customization options, Class Climate 4.0 provides fast and accurate processing of both online and paper-based surveys, as well as robust reporting for improved decision making. Scantron Corporation helps education, commercial, and government organizations worldwide measure and improve effectiveness with assessment and survey solutions built on leading products and comprehensive, value-add services.

Class Climate 4.0 offers new customization options that give users the flexibility they need to gather instructor feedback and use it to make informed decisions. From questionnaire design to report formatting, Class Climate users are able to record, display and analyze necessary data to improve instructor performance more accurately and quickly.

Customers who need to collect course evaluation data for their college or corporate programs can distribute printed bubble forms that also allow handwritten comments and text. Class Climate 4.0 can capture and store both the bubble data and images of the handwritten comments, as well as use sophisticated ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) technology to turn the handwriting text into digital text. The ICR component is available as an optional module only.

In addition, version 4.0 provides added flexibility and control over how questions are displayed, via style sheets that enable users to apply their organization’s branded look and feel to online surveys.

Users can move individual questions within a survey in one simple step, using ‘drag & drop,’ to create the exact presentation order they prefer. Version 4.0 includes a new default online survey template that allows users to have professional looking surveys without having to manually create a template.

With version 4.0, users receive more control over scanning and response tracking quality. Error notifications and batch management capabilities have been added to Scanstation, creating a more efficient quality control process at the desktop. Class Climate includes improved tracking of online survey participants so instructors and administrators can see who has responded — and who needs to be reminded.

“Class Climate 4.0 makes it easy to evaluate the overall classroom experience,” says Mike Seeman, Sr. Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at Scantron. “From front-end survey creation to back-end reporting, Class Climate provides the necessary tools to identify areas of strength and areas in need of improvement.”

Many of the enhancements that are available in version 4.0 have come from customer feedback and requests. “As a customer, it is vital for us to inform Scantron of our use requests,” says Julie Fulgham, Director of Institutional Research at Mississippi State University. “It is more important as a customer to see that our voice is heard and enhancements have been made.”

Altogether, Class Climate 4.0 includes over 30 new features and benefits to help users manage their course evaluation efficiently and effectively. Visit for details.

About Scantron Corporation

Scantron Corporation ( ) helps education, commercial and government organizations worldwide measure and improve effectiveness with assessment and survey solutions. Scantron provides tools for the rapid, accurate and reliable capture of data with innovative software and survey solutions that leverage the company’s expertise in software, world-class forms printing, scanner manufacturing, and customer service. Scantron is a subsidiary of Harland Clarke Holdings Corp., which also owns Harland Clarke and Harland Financial Solutions.