New DXG Seeing Cam Wi-Fi Video Monitoring Camera Helps Consumers Secure their Homes for Summer Travel

With summer vacation planning underway and consumers ready to hit the highway, DXG introduces the latest high-definition camera in its line with the Seeing Cam Wi-Fi video monitoring Smart Cam. The do-it-yourself camera streams high-definition video to iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, allowing users to track motion and audio changes and view their homes and businesses from anywhere in the world.

The Seeing Cam features three stylish designs and delivers crisp Wi-Fi video both streamed and recorded, along with two-way audio for listening or communicating through the device, fast and simple installation, and email alerts based on user-defined settings. People can stay connected with Seeing Cam to the places and people they love most from their iOS and Android devices, whether in another room or miles away.

DXG Seeing Cam Tips for Travel
As consumers prepare their summer travels, DXG Seeing Cam ensures that homes and businesses are secure. Tips for the Seeing Cam this summer include:

  1. Set email alerts with the Seeing Cam to flag unexpected sound or motion activity in your home when you’re away.
  2. Place Seeing Cam inside the home facing out, so potential intruders can be seen on camera and be deterred before taking action.
  3. Use multiple cameras around the home and garage to monitor multiple rooms, all viewed from a single Seeing Cam app.
  4. Use the cloud recording to store and view video up to seven or 30-days so you can review your recordings at any time, or on SD card stored in the camera.
  5. Use the Seeing Cam with other smart home technologies to monitor and control garage and door entries from anywhere, such as those from Chamberlain MyQ Garage and Kwikset Kevo.

“Prepping your home for summer travel used to mean stopping the mail and paper, but the Seeing Cam and other connected home devices let us keep a close eye on our homes when we’re away,” said Paul Goldberg, Senior Vice President of Sales and Technology for DXG NA.

“Seeing Cam is a great everyday product for homes and businesses, letting consumers keep an eye on sleeping babies, connecting with family while at work, monitoring businesses after hours or even sharing the bustle of the business during the day with anyone.”

Seeing Cam Models, Pricing and Specifics
The Seeing Cam comes in three models, with the Seeing Cam 110 featuring 360-degree pan, 90-degree tilt, 10x zoom and retailing for $149.99; and the Seeing Cam 105 and 109 with 10x zoom, unique form factors and retailing for $129.99. Free live video monitoring is offered along with a two-week trial to the cloud recording service. Additional features include:

  • High Quality Video
    • HD video (720p at 30fps) streams and records crisp footage
    • 128-degree wide angle lens limits blind spots for optimal viewing
    • 10x digital zoom captures every detail
  • Security
    • Infra-red LED light for night vision captures clear footage 24/7
    • Smart motion detection sends real-time notifications
    • SD card slots for simple, localized video storage or easy cloud-storage options
    • 256-bit AES encryption provides bank-level security for maximum privacy
  • Connectivity
    • Two-way audio for listening or speaking through the camera
    • Cloud recording includes seven-day continuous recording for $8.99/month, and 30-day continuous cloud recording for $29.99/month
  • Availability: All Seeing Cam models are available at, Fry’s Electronics, Sharper Image, Smart Home or at the Seeing Cam website at

About DXG
DXG NA is one of the most innovative consumer electronics manufacturers on the market, providing intuitively designed, high-definition Wi-Fi video and smart-home devices for consumers and businesses. Sleekly designed, with superior quality and affordable pricing, DXG devices are setting trends for quality and utility. The DXG line includes the popular IronX Action Camcorder, Seeing Cam Wi-Fi video monitoring Smart Cam, and others. The company employs more than 4,000 people worldwide and has offices in Southern California and Taiwan.