InfoObjects Cloud-based LBA Engine Exceeds 100 Million Geofence Assessments in Large-scale Mobile Advertising Campaign

InfoObjects of Santa Clara, California, announced a major performance milestone for location-based advertising (LBA) technology. In a recent customer engagement campaign conducted for Hipcricket, a mobile marketing and advertising technology company located in Bellevue, Washington, over 100 million geofence assessments were processed in a daylong campaign conducted across two U.S. time zones. The campaign involved 300 geofences and 90,000 mobile devices. Between 8 and 10 assessment cycles were executed during the campaign to send special offers and incentives to customers near a participating merchant’s store location.

When location-based services are enabled, they can identify where a user is, from the city or town, right through to the restaurant or shop a user is in. InfoObjects’ cloud-based geofence engine parses the location and user data to trigger targeted messages via text, SMS/MMS, or email. The campaign and workflow is designed, delivered and tracked automatically through the Hipcricket AD LIFE® platform.

“This powerful, cloud-based technology and associated APIs can help merchants deliver the right message to the right person at the right time,” said Rishi Yadav, InfoObjects CEO. “It’s been an interested challenge and prime example of our focus on developing data-driven mobile software applications.”

InfoObjects’ geofence engine was developed to enable merchants to broadcast special offers to customers near their locations who are interested in what the merchant has to offer during a specified, short window of time.

“The cloud-based API in our geofencing engine matches real-time customer location data to geographical areas according to rules established by the campaign management system,” added Sudhir Jangir, InfoObjects CTO. “End-to-end performance has been a limiting challenge up to now.” Running on a small AWS cluster, the system was able to process over one million geofencing interactions per minute.

“Mobile devices have revolutionized how, when and where consumers access information. Through the integration of InfoObjects’ geofencing capabilities with our platform and data, we are able to drive real-time brand-to-consumer interactions through our AD LIFE platform,” said David W. Hostetter, chief technology officer at Hipcricket. “This type of actionable data will fundamentally change the way brands engage with consumers by delivering mobile marketing and advertising campaigns that are significantly more meaningful and relevant.”

About Hipcricket
Hipcricket, Inc. provides a unified mobile engagement platform that drives awareness, sales and loyalty. Its AD LIFE® platform has been used by internationally recognized brands and agencies to power more than 400,000 campaigns across SMS, 2D/QR codes, mobile websites, advertising networks, social media and branded apps. For additional Hipcricket news and information, visit or text “NEWS” to 24474.

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About InfoObjects
With offices in Santa Clara and a software development center in Jaipur, India, InfoObjects combines US-based consulting with engineering teams in India to meet the demand for software consulting and development services focused on web and mobile apps combined with Big Data analytics. The company also provides intensive Big Data training for corporate clients and individual developers at its Santa Clara facilities.

In April, InfoObjects received the No. 1 ranking in its category for Best Place to Work in Northern California, awarded by the San Francisco Business Times and Silicon Valley Business Journal.