New ZT Systems 1224Ra Datacenter Server Smashes Performance per Watt Record for AMD Opteron™ Processor-Based Servers

Leveraging strong expertise engineering server solutions for cloud computing environments, ZT Systems has designed the new 1224Ra 1U Datacenter Server to take full advantage of the new low-power Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ processor Model 2377 EE. The Result: The best performance per watt to date for an AMD Opteron processor powered server (SPECpower_ssj™2008 1,379 overall ssj_ops/watt, 342,104 ssj_ops at 172W @ 100% target load.) This new platform is an ideal solution for dense data center environments where optimized performance per watt, per dollar is critical.

“This record-breaking benchmark showcases ZT’s ability to work in concert with large data center customers to design solutions customized for their energy-efficiency and performance requirements,” said ZT’s Bob Anderson, Executive Vice President. “In large data centers running thousands of servers, the revolutionary performance per watt of ZT Systems solutions can have a tremendous impact on total cost of ownership. Customers can realize substantial savings on both compute and cooling power within a conventional rack mount architecture – without the high upfront costs associated with proprietary solutions.”

The 1224Ra 1U Datacenter Server is powered by the 45nm Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ EE processor, which utilizes innovative energy saving features in a low 40W ACP power band while including a full suite of virtualization and power management capabilities so customers do not have to compromise on feature sets in order to deploy very low power servers.

”This ZT Systems platform represents a new level of performance-per-watt for servers powered by AMD Opteron™ processors,” said John Fruehe, director, Server and Workstation Division, AMD (NYSE: AMD). “AMD appreciates ZT Systems’ ability to develop unique platforms based on the new Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ EE processor that meet the high-density data center’s demand for energy efficiency without sacrificing performance features.”

About ZT Systems

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