Pushfor Launches the World’s First Platform to Enable the Sending of Self-expiring Business Content

Pushfor, a London-based startup, has released a unique platform to allow companies to send professional business content that deletes from the recipient’s device after a specific number of views or date.

Pushfor’s patent-pending technology is similar to popular photo sending app Snapchat but focused at users wishing to send professional multi-media business content. Pushfor supports hundreds of content types that are automatically converted so they can be securely viewed on any device without requiring the original software. Pushfor also resolves the issue of sending large files that cannot be sent via email due to size restrictions.

Founded in June 2013, Pushfor’s CEO Scott Smull and CTO John Safa developed the platform to solve the growing problem of allowing users to easily share valuable content on multiple devices. Pushfor integrates with other popular cloud storage platforms such as Box and Dropbox to offer a secure way of publishing valuable content for business purposes whilst retaining total control over how long that content can be shared.

Vincent Geake, former CIO of the UK Home Office and member of Pushfor’s advisory board, commented “Increasingly all types of organisations are concerned about digital leakage of information and their loss of control and visibility over valuable business content once shared with partners and supply chains. Pushfor have produced a slick product that enables organizations to implement a “delete-by-default” approach to specific types of key business information.”

Scott Smull added: “Trends such as the explosion of digital content, the proliferation of mobile devices and availability of scalable cloud solutions have changed the way people work. Pushfor was created to provide business users and professionals with an intuitive easy-to-use single platform on which they can share a wide range of valuable content securely. Additionally, Pushfor’s secured approach bridges valuable content sharing to the power of social networks like Facebook and Twitter.”

Prior to founding Pushfor, Smull and Safa worked together at Workshare as CEO and CTO respectively, a global enterprise document collaboration company, which was sold in 2012.

Pushfor is available in the App Store and via the browser (http://www.pushfor.com) with an Android version coming soon. Pushfor is free to use, with a paid version available with increased storage and additional features.