Solving Business Issues with Big Data and Analytics

Teradata University Network has announced the kick-off of its Data-Driven Careers program with the selection of 10 finalists for its inaugural Poster Contest on applied analytics. The finalists, and an additional 13 scholarship winners, will attend the Teradata 2014 PARTNERS Conference & Expo in Nashville, Tenn, October 19 – 23. The global conference is sponsored in part by Teradata Corp. (NYSE: TDC), the analytic data platforms, marketing applications and services company.

The poster finalists and scholarship winners receive free registration to the five-day industry event and exclusive networking opportunities with leading companies. Poster finalists will compete before conference attendees to win in three presentation categories.

The theme for the inaugural poster contest is, “Solving Business Issues with Big Data and Analytics.” By attending the global conference, students will be exposed to a variety of analytics fields and internship and job opportunities in areas such as integrated marketing management, data integration, big data analytics and operations.

“With rising costs of college tuition and shrinking faculty travel budgets, the Teradata University Network scholarships are a way for students to gain knowledge and build important professional networks for career and internship opportunities. The scholarships also financially support faculty who attend to learn about the latest advancements in data analytics technology and how businesses are driving rapid and widespread adoption,” said Susan Baxley, director of Teradata University Network.

Networking Opportunities
In addition sharing their research in the Poster Contest, students will have opportunities to connect with the hiring managers looking to fill job openings in analytics, big data and data warehouse development.

“The special programming, social events, and presentation opportunities for students are part of Teradata’s efforts to expand the talent pool quickly and establish a talent pipeline that our customers can access to meet the exploding demand for analytics professionals,” said Teradata Chief Learning Officer Jim Stewart.

Poster Contest Finalists
Poster Contest Finalists will present their projects on posters and make short formal presentations in competition for awards in three categories: Most Promising Research/Advancing Science; Most Practical/Business Value; and, the People’s Choice Best Presentation.

The team lead for each of the 10 finalist projects will receive the scholarship to attend the conference. The finalists are:

  • “Visualizing Invisible Networks of Knowledge – A Social Network Analysis of Scientific Publications,” by team lead Mohammadmahdi Moqri, with Brent Kitchens and Subhajyoti Bandyopadhyay, all of University of Florida, Gainesville.
  • “Felice’s Roman Style Pizza; A Study in Data Consolidation and Analytics,” by team lead Roderick Dayton, with Madeline Mills, with Natalie Perkins and Vasyl Ilchyshyn of Loyola University, Chicago
  • “Analysis of Inpatient Medicare Coverage for Top 100 DRGs,” by team lead Asish Nayak, with Dinesh Nallasasamy, Lanxiazi Liu and Songyue Chen, all of Oklahoma State University, Stillwater.
  • “Analysis of campus WiFi Network – Data Science for Social Good,” by team lead Daniel Sedra of Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y., with Daniel Ulloa of Emory University, Atlanta, and Richard Zheng of Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta.
  • “Smart Grid & Utilities Analytics: Using Public Data to Investigate Energy Resources & Energy Efficiency,” by team lead Ashwini Wani, with Derek Moore, both of University of North Carolina, Greensboro.
  • “Sentiment Analysis of Social Media Data to Understand E-Cigarette Usage,” by team lead Madhuri Siddulagari, with Rupinder Kaur, both of the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga.
  • “Predict Response of Marketing Campaign of a Bank Using Predictive Modeling Techniques,” by team lead Hephzibah Munnangi, with Rizwan Mohammed and Arshad Nawaz, all of Oklahoma State University, Stillwater.
  • “Big Network Analysis for Influence Identification on Social Networks,” by Matthew Henricks, University of Maryland, College Park.
  • “Analytics for Autism,” by team lead Emily Edkins, with Naznin Larya, Laura Lebeau, Sarah Mucerino and Matt Soroczak, all of Loyola University, Chicago.
  • “Predicting Customer Traffic through Time Series Analysis of Student Transaction Data,” by Kyle Cooper, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater.

Competition finalists will present their posters in conference sessions and in the exhibit hall. The winners will be announced before the event concludes on Thursday.

Faculty and Student Scholarship Winners
In addition to the Poster Contest finalists, five college students were named scholarship winners based on their experience with Teradata and interest in careers in data warehousing and analytics. The winners are:

  • Jefferson Alvarez, University of West Florida, Pensacola, Fla.
  • Jeremiah Cheek, Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
  • Katie Finney, California State University, San Marcos
  • Amirarsalan Pakravan, George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
  • Dinesh Vaithilingam, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

To assist faculty in preparing students with relevant skills and knowledge, Teradata University Network has also awarded scholarships to faculty at some of America’s leading institutions for education in the fields of data warehousing, business and marketing applications. The 2014 faculty recipients were selected based on their use of resources on Teradata University Network that provide real-world knowledge and applications for their students.

The faculty winners are:

  • Anamaria Berea, University of Maryland, College Park, Md.
  • Irene Dickey, University of Dayton, Ohio
  • Ashish Gupta, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
  • Boris Jukic, Clarkston University, Potsdam, N.Y.
  • Rachna Kumar, Alliant International University, San Diego, Calif.
  • Jodi Reaves, National University, San Diego, Calif.
  • Martin Sinnott, University of Dayton, Ohio

All scholarship winners and poster finalists will be invited and recognized at a special event on Tuesday evening.

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