The Allant Group Turns Up Its Ratings with SAVO’s CRM Opportunity Pro

SAVO Group, the market leader in sales productivity solutions, announced that The Allant Group, an independent, safe harbor provider of advanced TV advertising products, has expanded its engagement to include CRM Opportunity Pro. The application seamlessly integrates with Salesforce and all other CRM solutions and marketing automation tools to provide a holistic view of sales opportunities, including opportunity-specific intel and recommended assets.

The Allant Group delivers TV advertising software and data products, as well as data and analytics-driven marketing and advertising services to help ad buyers and sellers benefit from audience-based marketing and advertising. The company works closely with TV distributors, network programmers and Fortune 500 advertisers to optimize their return on advertising investments across a mix of media channels.

In early 2014, The Allant Group’s sales enablement team realized that it needed to develop a process for putting relevant content into reps’ hands to improve the efficiency of the sales cycle. Wanting a solution that would do this within their Salesforce deployment, the team began evaluating solutions on the Salesforce AppExchange that would simplify the process of unearthing relevant content for its sales reps within the context of the sales situation, and help them easily access supporting information as needed.

Having already successfully deployed both SAVO Mobile Sales Pro and SAVO Sales Content Pro a year earlier, The Allant Group found the decision to integrate CRM Opportunity Pro into its technology ecosystem an easy one. The solutions complement and seamlessly integrate with one another, as well as with the company’s marketing automation solution, to provide sales the support that they need anywhere and at any time from any device.

Comments on the news:

  • “Our selection came down to two solutions – SAVO and Qvidian. In the end, we felt SAVO offered a more consultative approach and a stronger set of enablement capabilities for the long run,” said Matt Boehnke, director of sales enablement, The Allant Group. “The feature we’re most excited about is the linking of assets to fields in Salesforce so that as the values are updated, so are the relevant, recommended assets.”
  • “Companies are deploying CRM solutions with the hope that they will drive greater sales productivity,” said Kurt Andersen, chief marketing officer, SAVO. “But too often, these companies’ aspirations are dashed when sales reps fail to see the value that CRM systems offer. By using CRM Opportunity Pro in tandem with Salesforce, The Allant Group is now able to help reps see that by inputting opportunity details, they will receive recommended collateral and sales assets to enable more effective meetings and close more deals.”

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