Schmitt Industries Introduces New SB-5500 Balancer Control Panel

Schmitt Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq: SMIT) today announced the introduction of three new balancer products for its Schmitt Balance Systems (SBS) division, which were first unveiled at the 2009 China International Machine Tool Show, in Beijing, China. The use of balancing technology has become a critical tool for machine tool manufacturers and end users, who seek to save money by increasing throughput and improving product quality through improvements in the grinding process. Schmitt Industries has over 20 years of experience in this industry and the latest products further solidify its place as the premier supplier of balancer products.

The first product to be introduced is the SB-5500, a new advanced balancer control platform appropriate for all grinding machines. This controller features a larger high resolution display screen, digital electronic design, communication options including USB, Ethernet and Profibus, four channel capability and either 24V DC or universal input AC power options. Options will also include both basic acoustic emission analysis for gap and crash detection and enhanced acoustic emission analysis capability featuring frequency signature analysis and full integration of the frequency data into any CNC program. The controller user interface will also offer multiple languages.

The Company is also introducing two new acoustic emission sensors, a fluid sensor and a micro sensor. The fluid sensor is designed to detect acoustic frequency transmitted by the coolant that is directed to the part or grinding wheel. The micro sensor is very small (5 millimeters in diameter), for small spindles used in internal grinding machines and in dresser spindles. These sensors offer remarkable sensitivity in a small and flexible installation, enabling the user to apply acoustic emission sensing technology to the most difficult to reach areas. The use of these sensors will permit the operator to gain valuable data from the grinding process that will help the operator to perform gap avoidance or crash detection of the grinding wheel and to more effectively monitor the grinding process to enable greater production efficiency and improved part quality.

“We are delighted to be able to offer these new products to the grinding industry,” commented Wayne A. Case, President and Chief Executive Office of Schmitt Industries, Inc. “The SB-5500 controller is an all digital design with enhanced communication and power options, offering superior performance at an attractive price. Our two new acoustic emission sensors are remarkably sensitive and add further sensor options for users of acoustic emission analysis. These products will help our customers save time and money and what’s more, they are backed by Schmitt’s world class customer service,” he concluded.

About Schmitt Industries

Schmitt Industries, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets computer controlled balancing equipment (the Balancer segment) primarily to the machine tool industry. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Schmitt Measurement Systems, Inc., the Company designs, manufactures and markets precision laser measurement systems used in surface measurement applications and dimensional measurement applications and ultrasonic measurement products for remote monitoring of chemical storage tanks (the Measurement segment). The Company also sells and markets its products in Europe through its wholly owned subsidiary, Schmitt Europe Ltd. located in the United Kingdom.