Voicemail is Not Dead: AccessDirect Innovates Business Messaging with Visual Voicemail

AccessDirect now includes voicemail transcription in all of their small business phone system plans, allowing users to easily read the transcribed text of a voicemail and respond instantly, eliminating the need for listening or note taking.

The voicemail to text feature seamlessly integrates voicemails with other incoming notifications for quick prioritization, a time-saving strategy that takes the headache out of checking voicemail and increases the productivity and effectiveness of customer-facing teams.

At a time when the telecommunications industry questions the future of voicemail for the millennial generation, the phone is still the preferred method of customer service in the US, and businesses rely on their answering systems for successful transactions.

AccessDirect, a trusted small business provider of virtual PBX phone systems nationwide, helps bridge the gap with visual voicemail technology for business phone systems — a solution that supports traditional business models and high-tech startups alike.

Now a standard feature in all of AccessDirect plans, from a single voice mailbox to a multi-location automated answering system, the voicemail to text feature instantly transcribes new voicemails and allows users to read their voicemail no matter where they are.

“The voicemail to text feature allows me know right away if call is important or not, without actually listening to the voicemail. This is imperative in client meetings, as it allows me to focus on doing business with the people I’m sitting with instead of worrying about a missed call,” says Greg Davis, of Heritage First financial advisors, one of the first AccessDirect clients to make use of the new visual voicemail feature.

As for the accuracy and adoption of the voicemail to text transcription, Davis says there have been very few stumbling blocks.

“Now I read my emails at the same time I’m reading my voicemails, in real time, taking care of all the responses at once. Voicemail is a big part of our daily communications, and now it’s easier to manage.”

The voicemail to text feature is the newest addition to AccessDirect’s fully featured phone systems that effectively streamline phone answering and routing with email, fax, mobile, SMS text and CRM systems, unifying small business communications. The virtual PBX systems require no new hardware or software, and can be setup through existing mobile or desk phones. Visual voicemail is now included free of charge in all products.

AccessDirect’s small business team prides itself in offering free customized set-up and programing, personalized customer service, and around the clock troubleshooting.

About AccessDirect

Since 1997, AccessDirect has been providing affordable Virtual PBX phone systems from our offices in Kansas City to businesses of all sizes across the country. Cloud-hosted phone systems with multiple extensions, call routing, voicemail, fax and a professional voicemail greeting allow you to connect with your customers, no matter where you are.