MediaPost, Qriously Launch Real-Time Ad Sentiment Index

How does the general public feel about the ads that bombard it from TV screens, billboards, magazines, radio and web pages — and how do those feelings change over time? Now you can find out, thanks to the Ad Sentiment Index (ASI) launched today by MediaPost and Qriously.

To create the index, Qriously, which taps the value of opinion to create a more meaningful mobile ad experience for both consumer and advertiser, polls hundreds of Americans a day on mobile devices, asking questions in the space where an ad might otherwise run. The questions ask whether ads influence people’s feelings about brands in general, and specifically how ads on radio, in magazines, on Facebook, Twitter or other Internet venues, on mobile devices, in newspapers, seen outdoors or on TV, influence them. The ASI has tracked these responses since March. With the testing period complete, MediaPost is bringing the results to the general public.

“Consumers are bombarded with ads these days, and the process is only increasing as we add new devices and apps,” said MediaPost Editor in Chief Joe Mandese. “We want to look at how people feel about these ads — whether they’re more receptive at times to certain kinds of ads than other kinds, and how they feel the multiplication of advertising affects them in general.”

In addition to MediaPost, Qriously’s data has informed stories at The Economist, Wired UK, the Wall Street Journal, International Business Times and Qriously was the main source for an Adweek story about a campaign that increased people’s intent to sign up for health insurance, and the main subject of an entertaining story in Ad Age.

“Consumers enjoy sharing their opinions, especially when they’re asked politely,” said Qriously North America GM Joe Zahtila. “We value these opinions a great deal, and use them to do research as well as to serve consumers relevant ads. We’re pleased to partner with MediaPost to learn how Americans’ opinions toward various forms of advertising change over time.”

Elements of this story first appeared in MediaPost and MobileFOMO.

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About Qriously

Founded in 2010, Qriously taps the value of opinion to create a more meaningful mobile ad experience for both consumer and advertiser. Headquartered in New York and London, with additional team members in Atlanta and Vienna, the company’s products unlock the value of people’s voices at scale.