The Top 4 Residential VoIP Providers of 2014, Ranked by

These days, it can be quite expensive to have a landline phone service. This is especially true when you have to have long distance calling overseas. However, there are great residential VoIP providers that can prove to be a lifesaver if you want to make cheap phone calls and even engage in video calls with virtually anyone in the world. These are ranked as being the best residential VoIP providers of 2014, as selected by The specialists at looked at the overall cost, additional feature, customer reviews and more before making their selections. If you are in a situation of needing such services, you will definitely want to look into getting one of these for your own personal use.

1. Vonage

Vonage is certainly one of the best residential VoIP providers for your money. It offers a wide array of great plans with affordable rates, starting at a basic United States and Canada Unlimited for only $9.99 per month for the first three months. Thereafter, it increases to $24.99 per month with a one year agreement. With this particular plan, you actually get unlimited calling throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. There is also a great affordable international plan called Vonage World that starts at $9.99 per month for the first three months. After that time period, it is $27.99 per month with a one year agreement and you get unlimited calling to landlines in more than 60 countries and to mobile phones in 10 countries.

2. ITP

ITP or Internet Telephone Provider is an excellent choice for unlimited calling when you require VoIP. Basic residential services are as low as $9.99 and premium unlimited are only $19.99 per month. For your initial two month period, you will even have the VoIP services for free. You also get a free adapter and the ITP mobile app for free. You can keep your existing phone number, do not have to sign a contract and, best of all, save up to 75 percent on your phone bills. You can even manage your account right at your fingertips from your smartphone. With the international plan, you get unlimited calling to over 70 countries, which is excellent if you travel frequently and to many different countries for business.

3. Phone Power

Phone Power is one of the top residential VoIP providers around as you can save as much as 70 percent on your monthly phone bills when you sign up for a plan. For the first three months after signing up for the Unlimited US/Canada plan, you will pay only $3.95 per month. By month four, you pay only $9.95 per month, which is still an excellent deal. You get perks such as keeping your existing phone number, unlimited calling, being able to call using your smartphone and a 30 day money back guarantee. The Unlimited World Plus plan is $24.95 per month and allows you unlimited calling to 75 different countries. Phone Power is easy to install and there is no special technical training required to do so.

4. VOIPo

VOIPo is called “the likable phone company” and for good reason. You can get two years of unlimited calling for only $149 and save 75 percent or even more on your phone bills in the process upon signing up for its services. With the basic service, you get unlimited calling throughout the United States and Canada, a free VoIP adapter lease and more than 40 great calling features. The $149 two year cost is a limited time promotion that comes to as low as $6.21 per month and is well worth it.

Choosing the right one of these top residential VoIP providers is extremely important. After all, you will be utilizing their services to get and stay in touch with your most important contacts in the world. You may want to try one provider and then another if you think another may be more appropriate for you. However, all of these are excellent providers and will save you a great deal of money.

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