Certify Continues Enterprise Momentum With New Capabilities

The Travel and Expense Management Software Provider Releases Enterprise Dashboards and Mobile Single Sign-On Support, Among Other New Advanced Features

Leading cloud-based travel and expense management software provider Certify announced several new features geared toward large enterprise customers. The new features are designed to help accountants and executives analyze T&E spending more efficiently while streamlining processes for employees. A new enterprise dashboard features a rich set of charts, graphs and gauges which deliver a visual representation of key metrics from the previous 90 days of expense data. Each visual element is clickable, allowing users to drill down into the supporting source data for deeper investigation. Dashboard elements include Top Expenses by Category, Top Expenses by Type, Expense Policy Violations, Expense Report Statistics across submitted, pending, reimbursed, processed and disapproved reports, and more.

Certify has also enhanced Certify Mobile to support single sign-on using the industry standard SAML specification. Now, Certify users can enter their company-managed single sign-on credentials to access Certify Mobile. Certify’s largest customer, with nearly 100,000 employees, is using Certify Mobile’s single sign-on capability to ease mass deployment of the mobile application enterprise-wide. The enterprise dashboard and mobile single sign-on features are available to all Certify customers.

“The enterprise dashboard feature development comes directly from customer requests. This allows our clients to obtain a visual understanding of employee spending trends, while also gaining insights into potential cost savings and opportunities to optimize T&E budgets,” says Robert Neveu, CEO of Certify. “The mobile single sign-on capability is a convenience for end users, but also allows our enterprise clients to continue to centrally manage password complexity, password reset requests, and more. This saves our users time and avoids frustration because they do not need to manage an additional username or password to use Certify. The benefits during implementation and deployment allow company IT and security administrators to continue to manage their environment based on their internal security policies.”

“Certify is a cost-effective tool which enhances our company’s controls and documentation over our expense management,” says Glenn Foster, vice president of international finance and administration at ZOLL Medical Corporation. “There were very little up-front costs to get started, and the cloud-based system and easy-to-use mobile application are continually being enhanced with new features and functionality for even better usability and convenience. With Certify, I never have to prepare another expense report.  It is automatically prepared for me on a schedule which I set. The interface with our ERP system saves time and improves posting accuracy.”

Other free enhancements available now from Certify include:

Multiple Approval Options: Certify customers can select from a wide range of approval levels for expense reporting. Certify supports the standard one-up and two-up approval process, and also provides multiple levels of approval, department based approvals, limits based approvals and even special approval rules. This allows companies with variances in management structures across multiple business units to fine tune approval workflow to suit their needs.

Enhancements to QuickBook Sync: Many small to mid-size Certify customers use QuickBooks for their accounting package. Now, corporate accountants have more options for synchronizing expense reports with QuickBooks. Companies can track and link expense reports by Employee, Vendor and Department with support for additional custom field information between Certify and QuickBooks, including billable expenses to clients.

Quick Links Navigation Panel: To speed up expense reporting tasks, users can access a new Quick Links panel from every page within Certify. The new Quick Links panel makes frequently used tools just a single click away, and also provides one-click access to recently viewed expense reports. Modern HTML5 user interface advancements and responsive web design concepts make the Quick Links Panel discreet and unobtrusive, whether the user has chosen to show or hide it.

Certify Mobile Mileage Maps: Due to popular demand, Certify has enhanced Certify Mobile with the heavily used “Map It” feature available in Certify’s web interface. Users can create mileage expenses in Certify Mobile by simply entering the start and end locations and tapping the new Map It link. Certify Mobile automatically generates a map image and calculates the distance traveled. Personal automobile reimbursement amounts are calculated based on either IRS standard rates, international rates, or custom rates configured by each company.

About Certify

Certify is the leading online travel and expense management solution for companies of all sizes. Organizations worldwide book travel and complete expense reports quickly, easily and cost effectively using Certify cloud and mobile applications. For more information about Certify please call 207.773.6100 or visit http://www.certify.com.