Yesware Goes Everywhere With Yesware Mobile

App Empowers Salespeople to Make Smarter Decisions While On the Go

Yesware, a leading all-in-one sales toolkit used by more than 500,000 sales professionals, today announced Yesware Mobile. This latest addition to Yesware brings microanalytics, data-driven insights and communication tools to the iPhone, so users can sell smarter and close deals faster, wherever they go.

Yesware has already made a big impact on companies like Groupon, Yelp, and North America’s fastest growing software company, Acquia. But deals can close anywhere, anytime. With frequent travel and the 24/7 workweek, salespeople need access to actionable sales data — and tools to react to the information and insights — at all times. The new iOS application extends Yesware’s capabilities to salespeople wherever they work, so they can sell smarter while on the go.

Yesware Mobile is a fully-functioning email application that adds:

  • Email Tracking with Salesforce Sync: All emails sent from Yesware Mobile are automatically tracked and synced to Salesforce, improving CRM data accuracy to benefit individual users, teams, and sales managers.
  • Email Templates: Shared customizable template libraries allow salespeople and teams to send fast, accurate responses and documents to prospects and customers instantly.
  • Click to Call: Salespeople can call back Salesforce contacts directly from an open event with the tap of a finger. Calling prospects immediately after they open an email has been shown to increase sales reps’ call connection rate by 34 percent.
  • Analytics: Yesware turns the art of sales into a science by abstracting data from email activity and transforming it into actionable insights.

“Yesware Mobile has helped shorten our sales cycle by freeing reps from being tied to their desks waiting for a response,” said Shawn Oatis, manager of inside sales at App Annie. “This much-needed mobile app helps us increase ROI while on the go and improve pipeline velocity through real-time data and insights. Yesware Mobile is our Yesware anywhere solution to sales.”

“At Yesware, we know that the 21st century salesperson needs their toolkit wherever they go. We are dedicated to creating tools that mirror the way salespeople work, providing data and insights wherever our customers are,” said Matthew Bellows, CEO, Yesware. “With Yesware Mobile, we’re putting the capabilities and information salespeople need to make connections and close deals right in the palms of their hands.”

About Yesware
Yesware is an all-in-one selling toolkit that empowers salespeople to connect with prospects, track customer engagement and close more deals. Integrated into Gmail, Yesware provides email tracking and analytics, customizable sales templates, CRM integration, mail merge, and more to help salespeople remove barriers to productivity and make smarter decisions, faster. Investors in Yesware include Battery Ventures, Google Ventures, Foundry Group, Golden Venture Partners, and IDG Ventures. Learn more at