Leanplum Launches Marketing Automation Module, a Mobile-First Solution to Boost App Engagement

Leanplum Expands the Market’s Only Truly Integrated Suite of Mobile Optimization Tools Designed to Steadily Improve Engagement, Retention, and Monetization of Mobile Apps

Leanplum (http://www.leanplum.com), the integrated mobile app optimization and app engagement company, today announced the public availability of Leanplum Marketing Automation, a groundbreaking new mobile messaging product that enables mobile companies to better engage and re-market to their users, and increase revenue. Leanplum Marketing Automation comes fully integrated with the company’s existing content management, mobile A/B testing, and analytics solution, and is currently available for iOS and Android.

Leanplum Marketing Automation gives mobile marketers access under the hood in an easy-to-use dashboard where they can create, test, and send marketing messages in just a few clicks. Marketers can create, automate and test new in-app and push messaging on-the-fly without having to touch the code. Actionable insights can be collected almost instantly, and automatically deployed.

“For the first time, marketers are able to specify in-app events that trigger personalized native in-app messages and push notifications,” said Leanplum CEO Momchil Kyurkchiev. “We listened to customers who wanted to re-engage abandoned users or schedule and promote special events and personalized offers. We’re excited to be offering such a powerful solution that enables marketers to have this high level of functionality that maximizes user engagement and loyalty.”

Leanplum Marketing Automation features:

  • Event-based Triggers: Send personalized push notifications based off specific in-app behaviors with the highest degree of precision.
  • Open Source Message Templates: Create and save custom templates for in-app messages, or use Leanplum’s pre-defined recipes to drive higher user engagement.
  • Dynamic Targeting: User groups can be segmented with advanced targeting based on geography, device, app version, traffic source, custom user attributes, in-app behaviors, and events.
  • Deep Linking: Create a customized flow of landing page paths, directing users to specific URLs, shopping cart, or additional push and in-app messages that can be daisy-chained together.
  • Flexible Delivery: Send messages and launch campaigns in real-time, or let Leanplum do the work for you by creating specific time- and event-based triggers to automatically send.
  • A/B Testing: Get the right message across with split testing to gauge the most effective marketing.

“With Leanplum Marketing Automation, we had complete control over targeting and could choose how and when to communicate to our user base,” said Amol Sogal, Sr. Mobile Product Manager, StumbleUpon. “We launched a test to optimize App Store ratings targeting our most avid users and saw an insane number of 5-star ratings and reviews overnight. It was so easy-to-use that I launched the messaging campaign from home without the assistance of our development team. We’re thrilled with the possibilities this opens up to further personalize the way we communicate with our users to drive higher engagement and loyalty.”

With Leanplum, mobile teams can be up and running in as little as 90 seconds, after which changes to the app can be made without additional coding or recompiling. The company recently raised $4.8M in Series A funding from Shasta Ventures. In addition to StumbleUpon, the company also works with high-profile clients including Hotwire, Wanelo and GREE, and is processing billions of events per month.

About Leanplum
Leanplum offers a suite of easy-to-use, fully integrated solutions to optimize the user experience of mobile apps — improving engagement, retention, and conversions. The company enables developers, product managers and marketers to tap into the value of customer data with powerful analytics, personalize and publish mobile content, automate in-app messages and push notifications, and utilize flexible A/B testing to quickly turn insights into improvements. Founded in 2012 by ex-Google engineers, Leanplum graduated from the TechStars Seattle program and is based in San Francisco. Leanplum has raised $5.6 million from Shasta Ventures and Kima Ventures, among others. Find more at http://www.leanplum.com.