Are You Ready to Rock? I Can’t Hear You! Honor Data’s Rock Stars at the 4th Annual Data Stewards Day

Capital One’s Maureen Spence. iJet’s Falguni Sanghani. Sallie Mae’s Barb Deemer. Who will be the fourth member of the Data Stewards SuperGroup? Who will complete a four-year run of majesty that is the data excellence equivalent of The Beatles’ run from Beatles for Sale through Sgt. Pepper?

On Dec. 9 at the Data Governance Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., SAS will once again honor data rock stars with Data Stewards Day.

Sure, maybe they aren’t rock stars in a traditional sense; they don’t play instruments or insist on lengthy riders in their contracts (as far as we know). But they are the people who truly rock data like no one else. Often referred to as “moderately sung heroes,” it’s about time these maestros of the mainframe (we realize that most of them don’t use mainframes, but allow us some lyrical license) make the transition from backstage to main stage.

Eligibility requirements are thus: anyone who rocks when managing data. That special person who may work in the background but truly makes the data sing — even the high notes — while acting as a bridge between IT and business. They don’t need to have “data steward” in their title, but according to the Data Stewards Day site, “as long as they’re brilliant, patient, hard-working and an all-around data whiz, they qualify.” Like previous years, nominations can take any form. In the past, data groupies and colleagues alike have submitted everything from videos and PowerPoint presentations to poems, letters and essays. In addition to the aforementioned winners Spence, Sanghani and Deemer, judges will include Jim Harris, Phil Simon, Dylan Jones and Joyce Norris-Montanari. Entries can be made on the Data Stewards Day site.

“Does Barb Deemer have a trademark windmill motion like Pete Townshend on guitar? I’m not entirely sure, but probably so, in a data management sense. Does Maureen Spence play a double-necked guitar? No, but she does the data equivalent thereof. Same for Falguni Sanghani — she may not play a double-kick drum, but man, can she make data rock,” said Anne Buff, SAS Best Practices. “We’re looking for that fourth member this year, who will automatically join these winners in our Data Stewards Hall of Fame.”

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