Haverford Wellness Center Chooses Encoda, LLC to Provide Their Practice Management System and Hosting Services

Encoda, LLC announced today that Haverford Wellness Center, a practice leading the way in the accurate diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease and other tick borne illnesses, has chosen Encoda LLC to implement, host, and support their new integrated EHR and practice management solution, Greenway PrimeSuite. With this partnership, Encoda will implement and provide PrimeSuite, host it using Tier-1, high availability technology, and provide their nationally recognized technical support and services. Encoda’s services will streamline Haverford’s clinical, financial and administrative processes, giving them the necessary room to grow their practice. The services will be provided using the SaaS business model (Software as a Service), in which the client buys nothing but simply subscribes to a service for as long as it wishes to. Encoda is responsible for providing whatever technical assets are necessary to deliver the service.

Haverford Wellness Center, located in Havertown, Pennsylvania and under the leadership of Domenic Braccia, D.O. specializes in the treatment of all aspects of Lyme disease and the other tick borne diseases from prevention and management of early disease to the most complex diagnostic and therapeutic cases. Even with the best treatment and patient service they felt that their technology was holding them back. Employees were forced to spend most of their day executing manual, repetitive processes instead of focusing on more productive tasks. Dr. Braccia decided to investigate what options were available, and ultimately decided that the hosting, support and practice management solutions offered by Encoda, LLC were among the best available. Housed in a Tier-1 facility, Encoda offers high-availability application hosting that practices intent on growing, such as Haverford, require.

Encoda will be implementing their hosting services in conjunction with the best in KLAS, Greenway PrimeSuite® integrated EHR solution. PrimeSuite is a CCHIT® certified platform that integrates many important aspects of healthcare software, giving practices the tools necessary to function at higher levels in one easy-to-use package.

“Encoda’s reputation for 24/7 customer service, and their high-availability hosting services were exactly what we needed so that we could concentrate on making sick people well,” said Dr. Domenick Braccia, Medical Director of Haverford Wellness Center. “Now that we have a solid infrastructure in place, we will be able to grow our practice.”

“Forward thinking practices such as Haverford Wellness Center are perfect for our innovative products and services,” said Robert Lee, CEO of Encoda, LLC. “In these tough economic times, even practices on the cutting edge of their field can find it hard to grow because they have become prisoners of their technologies limitations. Our job is to free practices from the restraints of their technology thus making them much more productive, and allowing them to focus on growth. We are excited about working with Haverford Wellness Center and putting in place a structure that will not hold them back in the future.”

About Encoda

Headquartered just outside Philadelphia, PA, Encoda is a software, technology and service solutions provider for a broad mix of physician practices and physician servicing businesses. With its signature patent-pending product, M/EDI © , which bolts on to a client’s existing billing system, Encoda is changing the paradigm for practice management systems and revenue cycle management. Developed in strict conformance to ANSI X12 specifications, this solution enables medical delivery units to handle large amounts of billing data with perfect accuracy and economies of scale, and to bypass clearing houses and legacy appeals processes. Encoda provides Tier-1, high availability hosting services, revenue cycle management solutions and direct EDI functions to numerous payers.

Encoda also represents Greenway Medical Technologies’ PrimeSuite™ integrated PMS/EMR solutions and recommends Greenway for those clients who need a whole new system.

For more information about Encoda, please visit www.encoda.com or contact Jordan Lee, Encoda Sales Representative, 610-397-1632 x204; jlee@encoda.com

About Greenway Medical Technologies

Greenway Medical Technologies provides the latest in ambulatory healthcare business solutions and services to more than 22,000 healthcare providers and professionals nationwide, in 30 specialties and subspecialties, by enhancing the delivery of patient care through innovative HIT software and on-demand services that allow physician practices to function at their highest level of efficiency. Greenway’s PrimeSuite is a comprehensive, interoperable component of the integrated physician’s infrastructure solution, which serves as the starting point of a long-term business plan for physician practices. PrimeSuite 2008 is certified by CCHIT® based on 08 Ambulatory EHR certification requirements. PrimeSuite integrates a practice’s clinical, financial and administrative processes, and allows practices to increase profitability, enhance patient satisfaction and facilitate adherence to compliance guidelines. Established in 1998, Carrollton, Ga.-based Greenway Medical Technologies is a privately held company with more than 285 employees.

For more information about Greenway, please visit www.greenwaymedical.com

About Haverford Wellness Center

Haverford Wellness Center, under the direction of Domenic Braccia D.O., is dedicated to the accurate diagnosis and reasonable treatment of Lyme disease and other tick borne diseases. Dr. Braccia, and the staff of the Haverford Wellness Center are fully equipped and capable of managing all aspects of Lyme disease and the other tick borne diseases from prevention and management of early disease to the most complex diagnostic and therapeutic cases. These cases include treatment failures, and late stage Lyme disease patients who have been ill for many years. Lyme disease treatment at the Haverford Wellness Center utilizes an integrative approach combining proven traditional therapy with (antibiotics) to cure the infection along with therapies that can help in accelerating the patient’s recovery from the toxic effects of Lyme disease.