Slyce Launches ‘Pounce’, the First 3D Visual, 1-Tap Checkout Shopping App Featuring Leading Retailers

Visual product search platform Slyce (TSX VENTURE:SLC) today announced the launch of their new consumer visual shopping App ‘Pounce’, available for iOS in the US & Canadian iTunes stores with a version for Android currently in development.

The App represents the long awaited fulfillment of the visual shopping ‘snap and buy’ experience whereby consumers can snap a picture of a physical product and be provided with the best matching items from 6-7 of the largest big box retailers. Items can then be purchased with 1-tap. Pounce is the first App on the market able to facilitate visual product search and 1-Tap purchasing across fashion, home décor, hardware, consumer electronics, toys and several other categories via multiple brands and retailers

CEO at Slyce, Mark Elfenbein, said of the announcement, “Up to 50% of search is expected to be visually based in the next five years and Slyce has positioned itself as a leading visual search platform. We’re able to help the largest brands and retailers connect with their customers, wherever they are, through state of the art image recognition technology and infrastructure. With Pounce, we’re incredibly excited to be able to offer this real-world visual shopping experience directly to consumers.”

As well as real-world, 3D items, Pounce users are also able to snap images of 2D print ads, billboards and catalogues. Once an image is captured, they will instantly be provided with exact or close-matching products from a host of leading retailers. These items are then able to be purchased seamlessly, at the moment of impulse, directly from the retailer via Pounce’s proprietary one-click checkout technology.

Slyce Chief Product Officer Avital Yachin said of the launch, “Through the development work we’ve carried out on the original Pounce App, including the integration of the Slyce visual search platform, Pounce now has an incredible depth of functionality that we believe finally starts to fulfill the promise of visual search for consumers. The possibility of snapping ANY product in the real-world and receiving a purchasable result has long been talked about but, until now, hasn’t been achievable. Without wanting to overstate the potential, Pounce literally intends to make the whole world shop-able.”

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About Slyce

The Corporation is a visual search technology company based in Toronto, Ontario and is engaged in the business of providing advanced visual search software that allows consumers to purchase products at the moment they discover them – in the real-world and online.

Slyce has developed an advanced visual search platform that integrates with retail brands and digital content providers to give their customers the ability to instantly discover and purchase products that inspire them by simply snapping photographs with their smartphones or ‘clicking’ images on either their smartphones (mobiles) or desktop web browsers.

Slyce’s strategy is to position itself as a pivotal player in the emerging visual web. Slyce will provide its technology to retailers, brands, app developers and digital publishers, enabling their apps to recognize products for instant purchase. Slyce will provide its technology in exchange for integration, licensing and per search fees, percentage sales splits and big data provision and analysis. Slyce is currently working with a growing list of fortune 1000 brands and companies as well as multiple innovative developers.