BlueSpace® and Air Force Research Lab Partner to Extend BlueSpace Multi-Level Search Application

BlueSpace Software Corporation, a leader in multi-level applications and middleware, announced that the Air Force Research Lab has approved its proposal for a grant to extend the BlueSpace Multi-Level Search and Share (S2) application. The project will create a demonstration system designed specifically for the content and search needs envisioned by the AFRL including potential deployment within the DoD Trusted Workstation (DTW) environment.

“The defense and intelligence communities have unique challenges due to their data repositories being distributed across separate security levels and networks,” said Justin Marston, BlueSpace CEO. “Cross-domain search has been implemented in parts of the defense and intelligence communities, but it has several drawbacks, the primary one being that content is elevated to the level at which the user performed the search. Elevating content increases the threat of introducing viruses and can result in content leakage due to the bypassing of mandatory access controls.”

“We are excited about the potential for multi-level applications to transform the speed and cost of getting critical solutions onto the DTW platform in support of the warfighter,” said Ryan Durante, Program Manager at AFRL.

The BlueSpace S2 application provides powerful multi-level search capabilities in which users can search Google indexes on multiple secure networks from a single, Web 2.0 interface. Unlike existing solutions, the BlueSpace S2 application opens content at its original security level, without the need to elevate the content to a higher level. As a result, mandatory access controls are enforced.

“We are pleased with how quickly we can ‘mashup’ applications using commercial capabilities in conjunction with our Trusted Service Bus and Trusted Client Framework technologies,” said Brian Vetter, BlueSpace Chief Technology Officer. “This approach and architecture has the potential to dramatically reduce the timeframes and cost to bring new capabilities to the defense and intelligence community.”

Mike Mayhew, CDIS Group Program Manager at AFRL noted, “We believe the BlueSpace mashup approach coupled with their supporting middleware will enable us to deliver applications faster, make users more productive and enable better sharing of critical information.”

The BlueSpace S2 application is comprised of:

  • A multi-level search web 2.0 user application which facilitates collaborative searching and multi-level tags.
  • An S2 Application Server, which provides the application services for the S2 end user search application.
  • A Mashup Server based on the BlueSpace Trusted Service Bus multi-level middleware, which is responsible for directing authenticated, validated, and filtered requests to Google search appliances in each labeled network and aggregating the results.
  • The BlueSpace S2 application requires a secure, multi-level desktop, specifically Sun Microsystems Sun Ray desktop running on Solaris 10 with Trusted Extensions.

About BlueSpace

BlueSpace Software is a leading provider of trusted messaging and multi-level solutions. BlueSpace uses an innovative approach to multi-level solutions providing users with the power to securely view and interact with information across multiple security levels without the need to move the data itself. Besides dramatic improvements in user productivity and collaboration, data remains properly classified, commercial applications can be used and accreditation is faster and cheaper. BlueSpace TransMail Trusted Edition is a powerful multi-level messaging application – providing users with a single inbox for messages across multiple classification levels. BlueSpace also has patent pending middleware technology that enables its innovative multi-level approach. Additional multi-level applications include multi-level search and multi-level command and control. BlueSpace is privately held and is headquartered in Austin, Texas.