Financial Investment Guru Jon Price Uses Polynomial Regression Analysis to Profit From Sports Matchups

Financial investment guru, Jon Price, the founder and CEO of Sports Information Traders is leading a revolution in the way people wager on sporting events in America. Using statistical and polynomial analysis, which Price believes eliminates the element of human error in sports wagering, he’s able to predict the final score of each contest; regardless of the sport. And he’s doing it at a pace that’s starting to turn heads.

A successful trade analyst with a background in Data Analysis and 22 years of experience, Price possesses a distinct and remarkable skill of calculating the probability of an outcome, and utilizing that to his advantage. Whether it’s in the stock market or on the field, Price has used his understanding to make himself and his circle of investors millions over the last decade.

When asked about his fast rise to fame and formula for success in the world of sports wagering, Price said, “We’ve applied the same model of success that we’ve applied in all of our forms of investing over the years. So in sports investing, we looked at the data gathered from all of the games played in the last decade, and by mapping out all of the data from these outcomes, our software was able to determine the variables with the biggest correlation to determining probability of the outcome.”

When asked about his documented 67% winning percentage in 2014, Price mentioned, “Winning percentages are great, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to successful sports wagering. What matters more than simply winning is money management and disciplined investing. We’re proud of our winning percentage, but from my experience it’s all about maximizing on your highest rated information.”

At 67% winning this year, Price has made his investors in upwards of $630,000 during this NFL Regular Season, alone. With the continuing growth of online sports wagering and some states even pushing to legalize it in recent months including NBA commissioner’s support as seen in a New York Times article, as long as there’s money to be made in sports, Jon Price and his team will be showing people how to capitalize. At the sports handicapping market has a lot of wanna be touts it is comforting knowing that gurus like Jon Price can deliver a winning system in a year that has been tumultuous for many.

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