Jellyvision’s ALEX® Growing Like a Weed, Says ALEX’s Mom

Jellyvision® and ALEX’s Mom announced with a sense of pride and exasperation that ALEX, the virtual benefits counselor, has had quite the growth spurt in 2014. In addition to helping 2,907,620 employees this year, ALEX explained more than 10,000 unique benefits plans, added 48 new resellers to the ALEX Channel Partners program, and could barely wear a single nice outfit once before he outgrew it.

“The time just passes so fast,” said ALEX’s Mom.

Since he was born in 2009, ALEX has used plain language, engaging visuals and humor that’s actually funny to help millions of employees make smart decisions about their benefits plans. In 2014 Jellyvision released an even funnier, friendlier and better-looking ALEX as well as a brand-new ALEX product, ALEX on Making the Most of Your Plan, that gives employees more insight into not only how their plans work, but how they can actually use them. Also this year, Crain’s recognized Jellyvision as one of Chicago’s Best Places to Work.

Other key growth figures for ALEX in 2014 include:

  • Two new offices opened — one in Elgin, Illinois and one in Denver
  • 74 new ALEX employees (which more than doubled the ALEX team)
  • 95 new desks, 12 new white boards and nine (count ’em, NINE) new industrial toilets

“We’re just so proud of our ALEX. He’s being used at 51 Fortune 500 companies now, and just keeps growing like a shoot!” said ALEX’s Mom. “ALEX, honey!” she shouted, while looking up at the ceiling. “Why don’t you come downstairs and show our company how nice you play the piano. We got you all those lessons and you never play….”

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About ALEX
The ALEX benefits communication software transforms jargon, legalese and gobbledygook into personally relevant information employees can use to make smart decisions about their benefit plans. Today ALEX is adored by millions of employees in hundreds of companies, and when HR leaders see how he drives benefits savings, reduces employee confusion and boosts engagement, they can’t help but fall in love as well. To learn more about ALEX, please visit

About Jellyvision
Jellyvision helps companies explain their important (but maybe kind of complex) messages in a delightful way. We create virtual salespeople, brokers, guidance counselors, HR reps and teachers who have fun, personalized conversations with your customers and employees and help them understand confusing or snooze-inducing topics. For more information and examples of our work, visit