Saygus Announces Pre-Order Pricing of Saygus V2 (V-Squared)

Saygus, the progressive American smartphone manufacturer, today announced that the Saygus V2 (pronounced V-Squared) will be available at a limited introductory price of US $549 for a $50 savings off the standard pricing of US $599. Saygus has extended the pre-order registration deadline to noon MST on Monday, Feb. 2. Pre-orders at will then officially commence at 11:59 p.m. MST Monday, Feb. 2.

Those who pre-register will receive an additional battery and a customized, replaceable glass screen protector through the company’s website, Those who pre-register will receive a coupon code for the introductory package. There is a limit of 10 units per customer. Carrier or reseller inquiries regarding volume orders can be made at

“The V2 was created from the ground up to be one of the most feature-rich smartphones ever made,” said Chad Sayers, Founder of Saygus. “We are pleased to offer the introductory price of $549 for a limited time to those who have pre-registered.”

The Saygus V2 is housed in a hardened Kevlar protective edge with durable anodized brushed aluminum sides and is less than 10mm thick. With access to CDMA and GSM wireless technologies, the V2 is a world phone designed to be used around the globe. The V2 has a 5-inch edge-to-edge borderless screen offering a resolution of 1080 x 1920 (FHD). It comes with an industry first optical image stabilization (OIS) in both the rear (21MP) and front (13MP) cameras, waterproofed IPX7 “swimmable” capability, sunlight viewable screen, 3100 mAh battery with 50% battery savings chip boosting the battery to approx. 4600 mAh, and a compact, side-facing fingerprint scanner for personal security.

The V² comes with 64GB of onboard storage and includes dual MicroSDXC Slots which provide an additional 256GB of expandable storage capacity. Industry-first wireless HD gaming and movie beaming technology, as well as state-of-the-art 3D sound with front-facing Harman Kardon speakers make the V² the ultimate media smartphone.

About Saygus

Saygus is a U.S.-based mobile device designer and manufacturer located in Salt Lake City. Saygus is focused on delivering leading-edge cellular devices that introduce new, innovative features to the mobile marketplace. For more information on Saygus, please visit: