Full Spectrum Laser Debuts High Resolution Phoenix Digital Light 3D Printer Line

Full Spectrum Laser (fslaser.com/), and its FSL3D subsidiary, the rapidly growing laser and 3D-printer engineering and manufacturing company based in Las Vegas, Nev., today unveiled two new, high-resolution, digital light 3D resin printers intended for jewelry and dental markets at the 3D Printer World Convention and Expo in Burbank, Calif. On display for the first time was the new Phoenix Touch 1080P DLP 3D Printer.

Digital light projectors (DLP) expose images into light-hardening liquid resin to quickly build a 3D object layer by layer. Since the entire 2D field is exposed at once, DLP technology can enable much faster print times without sacrificing quality. The Phoenix Touch 1080P comes with a built-in, standalone touchscreen computer, advanced software for Macintosh or Windows, and features a ball screw for the highest Z-axis motion accuracy in the industry. XY pixel resolution is a sharp 50um and the build volume is 96mm x 54 mm x 100mm. Unique to FSL3D, patent-pending SuperVAT™ technology on the Phoenix Touch line of 3D printers replaces consumable PDMS-type build containers common on competitor’s printers for faster and more reliable prints without the costs and time involved with changing PDMS vats.

The second model, the Phoenix Touch Pro UV LED, features the same platform as the Phoenix Touch 1080P but instead uses an upgraded, all-glass optics projector with a high-efficiency UV LED with 20,000-plus hour lifetime. The Phoenix Touch Pro features a build area of 64mm x 40mm x 100mm. Due to the powerful, single wavelength UV LED, cure times are up to 10 times shorter per layer than halogen bulb-based DLP printers. The specialty optics ensure the sharpest and most accurate prints.

New Materials
FSL3D is also proud to announce the availability of several new materials: flexible resin with rubber-like qualities and ash-free, direct castable resin for making metal parts, such as rings and dental implants. In addition to superior material qualities, FSL3D prices its materials on average 33 percent less than its competitors.

Founded in 2010 in a Las Vegas garage by a Stanford PhD, FSL and its wholly owned 3D-printing subsidiary, FSL3D, design, manufacture and sell a full range of consumer- and industrial-grade laser products, including cutting and engraving lasers and printers. FSL creates superior price/performance products through an emphasis on innovation and engineering excellence.

FSL3D’s first-generation Pegasus Touch series builds upon FSL’s long laser heritage and expertise. By using a custom UV laser controlled by FSL’s proprietary laser controls, the Pegasus Touch 3D printers are able to deliver professional-quality results at a fraction of the price of other laser 3D printers. The Pegasus Touch series offers best-in-class resolution, a large build area and smart Internet connectivity to deliver 3D content through its built-in, patent-pending, touchscreen-driven 3D Printing App Store.

The combination of impressive features and attractive price-point make the Pegasus Touch series perfectly suited for a broad array of end markets, with customer demand spanning both enterprise and consumer uses. FSL looks to democratize high-quality 3D printing with its revolutionary, patent-pending technologies, such as SuperVAT™.

About Full Spectrum Laser
Founded in 2010 in a Las Vegas, Nev., garage, Full Spectrum Laser — and its wholly owned subsidiary, FSL3D — designs, manufactures and sells a full range of consumer- and industrial-grade laser products. As a highly integrated company, FSL produces all electronics, software, mechanical hardware and chemistry in-house for the tightest possible integration of engineering disciplines. FSL creates superior price/performance products through an emphasis on innovation and engineering excellence. The company’s product assembly, sales, customer support, logistics and administrative groups are also in Las Vegas. FSL has grown rapidly since its inception and entered the 3D printing market in 2013. To learn more about FSL and FSL3D, please visit www.FSLaser.com and www.FSL3D.com.