Power Analytics Launches New Partner Programs

Power Analytics Corporation recently announced new partner programs for providers of power systems and IT integration services. Participating partners can increase revenue by providing additional value to their existing services and developing new recurring revenue streams. These technology-enabled, symbiotic partnerships offer key benefits to the participants including new distribution channels for grid elements, access to sophisticated market analytics, and software training and certification.

Drawing on the technology and intellectual property of both Power Analytics and its parent company, Causam Energy, the program can be scaled based on the business model used by the participant. Kevin Meagher, chief operating officer at Power Analytics and Causam Energy explains, “Power Analytics will offer multiple levels of program participation based on the grid elements involved and business model of each partner.”

Companies already signed on to participate include Active Power, a global leader in flywheel energy and power technology for mission-critical applications, and Worldwide Environmental Services (WES), a global provider of high availability environmental assessment, design, and remediation services for mission-critical facilities.

Jason Squitieri, director of business solutions at WES, sees the partnerships as an exciting opportunity: “The Power Analytics platform will help us bring real-time, comprehensive power and energy solutions to end-users in all industries. Adding Paladin technology to our existing assessment, design, and monitoring solutions allows WES to bring real, measurable, and sustainable results to our customers, so they can turn information into usable intelligence.”

The leadership team at Power Analytics is excited to launch this valuable, mutually beneficial program. Joe Forbes, Jr., chief executive officer of Power Analytics and Causam Energy said, “This opportunity is significant because it provides members with a fresh distribution channel to reach additional customers and increase revenue. I’m looking forward to seeing our partners dramatically scale their successes through this unique program.”

Highlights of the new partnership program benefits include:

  • Access to world-class market analytics
  • New distribution channels and brand recognition opportunities
  • Fully supported sales, marketing, and training programs

About Power Analytics
Embraced by the power industry for more than 25 years, Power Analytics’ software is at the forefront of the electrical system planning and operation space for energy intensive, mission-critical facilities and microgrids, and currently protects more than $120 billion in customer assets. Power Analytics was recently acquired by Causam Energy, a leading developer of technologies and commercial applications that provide increased grid intelligence and optimization. Combining their innovative technologies, intellectual property and experienced management teams, the merged company plans to lead the way in solving power energy problems for the highly networked, next-generation energy grid. For more information, visit www.poweranalytics.com.