AnalytixInsight Announces Platform Extension to Mobile Payment Processing and Predictive Analytics

Big data analytics company AnalytixInsight Inc. (the “Company” or “AnalytixInsight”) (TSX VENTURE:ALY) announces two exciting extensions to its technology and product platform.

The Company announced the extension of its technology platform to provide business intelligence and benchmarking tools for mobile payments. The Company plans to work with mobile payment systems and merchants to provide better analytics, business intelligence and decision making tools for the fast growing mobile financial services app community.

“Our partnerships with various mobile device makers like Samsung and Miia have shown us an opportunity to provide a platform to analyze mobile payments and usage data. This is a natural extension of the Big Data analytics platform that we have built to generate meaningful narratives and insights in the fast growing world of mobile wallets. This is a growing industry and will demand a step change in developing business intelligence tools and risk management metrics. We are excited to be a solutions provider to address this shortfall through our platform and with our existing partnerships,” said Prakash Hariharan, Chairman of AnalytixInsight.

In addition, the company announced the extension of its services in their financial analysis portal, CapitalCube:

  1. Relative Valuation: CapitalCube now carries daily-updated analysis on the relative value of 50,000 global publicly traded stocks. Users can, at-a-glance, determine the relative over or under valuation of a stock with respect to its peers and make appropriate portfolio decisions.
  2. Earnings Score: CapitalCube will soon carry a unique earnings score that will provide insights on relative quality of a company’s earnings as they are reported or filed. The scoring system will be generated through a series of algorithmic tests on earnings quality, cash flow margins, accruals and provide an insight in terms of the quality and strength of a company to grow its earnings.

Both scores include in their models established financial analysis principles like reversion to the mean for share price valuations, several periods of performance relative to peers and overall market conditions before predicting valuation or earnings quality that could help users better understand companies. The analysis also includes proprietary CapitalCube metrics and frameworks.

“We first developed these unique scores to create a proprietary database to meet the needs of our hedge-fund customers – but have since released it for all customers. This is an independent and unbiased platform for users to understand the fundamental strength of a reporting company’s valuation and ability to generate growth in its earnings,” said Chaith Kondragunta, CEO of AnalytixInsight.

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Prakash Hariharan, Chairman


AnalytixInsight Inc’s technology platform helps transform data into narratives. The Company’s online portal and mobile platform Marketwall ( provide high-quality financial research and content for investors, information providers, finance portals and media. The Company’s disruptive technology algorithmically analyzes market price data and regulatory filings to create insightful, actionable narratives and research on approximately 50,000 global companies and ETFs – all available as a cloud-based, SAAS offering. This platform capability is extensible to other asset classes and sectors to generate insightful research reports.

CapitalCube and Marketwall have existing business relationships with leading global financial and media institutions. For more information about CapitalCube visit For more information about Marketwall visit