Shaw Communications Commits to Healthy Kids in a Digital World as a Platinum Sponsor of MediaSmarts

MediaSmarts, a leading Canadian centre for digital and media literacy, is pleased to welcome Shaw Communications Inc. as its first Platinum sponsor. The Platinum Sponsorship represents a $75,000 contribution in 2015 to the charitable organization.

“Shaw has taken a leadership role in digital and media literacy in Canada with this new sponsorship,” says Cathy Wing, Co-Executive Director of MediaSmarts. “Our involvement with Shaw goes back to our earliest days when it was a founding sponsor and we welcome its renewed commitment to our organization. We both have a vested interest in supporting the healthy development of Canadian children and youth in our rapidly changing digital world.”

“Technology and accessibility have created an exciting digital age for our children and youth, and it’s vital they understand the possibilities of growing up in an online world,” says Katherine Emberly, Vice President, Operations, Shaw. “Our partnership with MediaSmarts helps provide our customers and their families with the tools they need to live their lives online in the smartest and safest way possible.”

MediaSmarts provides parents and educators with the information and tools they need to help young people safely and effectively navigate their digital lives. MediaSmarts works closely with its sponsors and partners to advance education around important issues such as cyberbullying, online hate, privacy and Internet safety. It also conducts Canada’s largest research study looking at children and teens’ Internet use – Young Canadians in a Wired World. To find out more about these programs, visit:

About MediaSmarts

MediaSmarts is a Canadian, not-for-profit centre for digital and media literacy. Its vision is that young people have the critical thinking skills to engage with media as active and informed digital citizens. @mediasmarts