Feeding Google Content to Attract More E-Retail Sales: TrueShip’s Newest Guide Shows You How

TrueShip has just released a brand new guide for users of ReadyShipper shipping software that shows them how they can use content outreach to attract more shoppers to their online store.

Studies show that a large percentage of people find the things that they want to buy online by starting with a Google (or similar search engine) query. Others will rely upon social media, and then there are plenty that will respond to ads. But one of the best ways to reach your target demographic in the modern era is via content outreach.

Tragically, most e-retailers do not know how to create an effective content outreach program. As the leading provider of ecommerce shipping software (http://www.trueship.com/ecommerce-shipping-software), TrueShip is on a mission to aid users of ReadyShipper with their newest guide on content outreach.

The guide covers the basics on content outreach and provides examples and a set of steps that users can take to create their own unique content marketing machine. The guide also includes a detailed infographic that illustrates the process for users.

“Content outreach is a pivotal aspect of digital marketing, one that has the propensity to directly engage your active or prospective customers,” explained Michael Lazar, Director of Online Marketing at TrueShip. “Our newest guide on content outreach provides simple steps that you can take to more efficiently reach, and influence, your target demographic.”

The guide on content outreach can be found here: http://www.trueship.com/blog/2015/03/26/feeding-the-google-beast-how-to-create-gourmet-content-that-search-engines-devour.

A detailed assortment of related ecommerce guides can also be found at TrueShip’s website at: http://www.trueship.com/blog.

TrueShip frequently releases detailed and in-depth guides that are designed to help users of ReadyShipper shipping software and Ready Returns online retail returns software realize the greatest successes with their online store.

New users are offered a complimentary 30-day trial of ReadyReturns retail returns software (http://www.trueship.com/returns-software-for-retailers), and a 14-day complimentary trial of ReadyShipper (http://www.trueship.com/best-shipping-service-for-ecommerce).

About TrueShip

TrueShip is the original architect of multi-carrier (FedEx, UPS and USPS) ecommerce shipping software. ReadyShipper shipping software integrates into the most widely used shopping carts and online marketplaces. It is an easy-to-use order fulfillment solution designed to save e-retailers time and money.

About ReadyReturns

ReadyReturns is a customer-facing, self-service online product returns software solution. It integrates into virtually website without any programming. ReadyReturns lets customers make returns from a website by filling out a simple form and printing the return shipping label. E-retailers set the rules of the returns, including things like return shipping and restocking fees.

Embedded Video Available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iT61wv8wud8
Embedded Video Available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UY7ZCN_9myo