Pinnacle Infotech Implements Newforma Software to Support Strategy

Newforma, a project information management (PIM) software company transforming building and infrastructure project delivery, today announced that Pinnacle Infotech Solutions has implemented Newforma Project Center software to support its strategic strengths. The company has been successful by understanding client needs, executing plans on schedule and within budget, and applying prior learnings to continually improve. It has implemented Newforma software to support each of those strategies.

Biswaroop Todi is a vice president of Pinnacle Infotech Solutions. “Before Newforma Project Center,” Mr. Todi said, “we used a mix of FTP, spreadsheets and internally developed software to share files, log RFIs, report on project status, and track projects. Now, using Newforma software, we’re able to streamline workflows as we improve control, and reduce the risks of information slipping between disconnected applications. Communication and knowledge management are improving. What’s more, our use of Newforma software makes us a more attractive business partner for other companies using Newforma Project Center.”

Newforma Project Center integrates a wide range of functions to improve collaboration and information management:

  • Full-text searches of project information
  • The ability to easily file emails with other project documents, and retrieve them quickly
  • Web-enabled file sharing
  • Automatic logging of who downloaded what, when
  • Document comparison and markup
  • Single-pane access to all project files, wherever they are on the network, including SharePoint and document management systems
  • Control of sheet set issuances
  • Integration with other companies using Newforma Project Center

Ved Narayan is Newforma’s vice president of Asia Pacific operations. “Pinnacle Infotech has once again demonstrated industry leadership by implementing Newforma software,” Mr. Narayan said. “In doing so, Pinnacle joins thousands of other Newforma customers around the world who are improving collaboration and project information management to deliver more successful projects. These will be the leaders as the design and construction industry meets the rising need for buildings and infrastructure in Asia and the Pacific Region.”

About Pinnacle Infotech Solutions
Pinnacle Infotech was founded in 1992 to provide BIM/CAD modeling and drafting solutions. The company entered the global market in 1998 to become the market leader it is today. Pinnacle’s team of 700+ architects, engineers and CAD professionals draw upon their thorough understanding of international architectural and construction standards and practices to deliver superior projects on time and within budget.

About Newforma
Newforma develops, sells and supports project information management (PIM) software for architecture, engineering, and construction firms worldwide, and the owners they serve. Newforma products make up the first industry-focused and integrated solution to connect firms to each other, to their project information, to their processes, and to remote team members, all for the purpose of more successful project delivery. Customers use Newforma software on more than 1.7 million projects worldwide to raise productivity, reduce exposure to risk, strengthen their brands, and liberate time and attention to focus on design, construction, and client service. For more information, visit, or phone +1 603-625-6212.